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The sphinx, faces East to the rising sun, is the largest stone structure in the world. The current theory says that the sphinx was built around 2500BC by the Pharaoh Khafre, (he reigned from around 2520 to 2494BC), to serve as a likeness of him for all time, and to guard his pyramid. In 1991 though geological evidence indicated that the sphinx was built at the very latest around 6000BC, 3000 years before the ancient Egyptian civilization began.

It took an American writer and self-trained Egyptologist, John Anthony West, 15 years of persistent effort on his part to change peoples minds and to make them listen.

The reason why Egyptologists believe that the sphinx was built in the reign of Khafre, is because the face on it looks like that of the Khafre mummy, that is housed in the Cairo Museum. John decided to call in the help of Lt. Frank Domingo, who is a forensic expert in the New York Police Department, and he specialises in constructing faces where much of the features have been lost.

Frank compared the face of the sphinx with that of Khafre in the museum. From detailed sketches made of both faces he concluded that they both had different features. Frank also said that if the sphinx is proven to be that of Khafre in the future, then the artists must have been terrible.

Many Egyptologists discredited this work, by stating that the art of the Egyptians was ‘idealized reality’ and that Frank was putting modern standards up against the Ancient Egyptians, and that as such, the findings were not relevant.

John tried again, this time he suggested that the erosion of the sphinx was due not to sand or wind, but to rain water. The only problem with this is that the last time Egypt had any serious rainfall was at the end of the last ice age, about 12,000BC. John found that he could only prove the water erosion theory to the Egyptologists if he got the co-operation of a well respected geologist, who could confirm or not the possibility that the rock had been eroded by water. He made a long search and finally found one who was open-minded enough to give it a try, he found Dr Robert Schoch from Boston University.

His examination of the sphinx and the ditch that it sits in confirmed that the sphinx exhibited signs of classic water erosion. During this time it was also found that the nearby temple complex had been carved out of the same rock.

There was a slight mystery, the sphinx and its surrounding walls were severely eroded, they had deep grooves one metre deep going into the rock. By comparison the identical rock strata close by was barely weathered, this led to the conclusion that the sphinx had been carved in stages, the earliest bit had been exposed to rain water and the latest work wind only.

John then wanted to know when the rock around the sphinx was carved, this would lend weight to his theory. If he could find this out, he would find when the sphinx was built. To do this, he brought in Dr Thomas Dobecki, a seismography specialist. He analysed the water erosion on the floor around the sphinx, the lower down the erosion, (the earlier the sphinx was carved.) This led to the conclusion that the body of the sphinx had been carved out in stages, and that the front end of the sphinx preceded the back end by about 3000 years.

Schoch’s conclusion was that the Pharaoh Khafre, found the sphinx half completed, and decided to repair it. Khafre placed granite slabs over the limestone to make it look like new. Schoch has also said that the sphinx has also undergone many repairs over the thousands of years. Also using common sense he said that because the head is so disproportionate to the body, Khafre must have found the sphinx with a different head, he then had the head carved into an Egyptian style.

Thomas’s experiments also revealed another secret, a number of tunnels and a large rectangular chamber 5 metres below the front paws of the sphinx. Thomas believes that this is man made.

The one thing that makes this chamber even more weird is that America’s Edgar Cayce, on the 29th October 1935 went into a trance, and saw the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. He stated that the survivors of Atlantis, came to Egypt in 10,500BC and had built the sphinx and the great pyramid within 100 years of their arrival. He also stated that before the 20th Century was out ‘a hall of records.... would be found where the line of shadow of light falls between the paws of the sphinx.’ The inside of the chamber according to Cayce, is a library of information, that contains the lost wisdom of Atlantis!!

Naturally of course, Robert, as a professor, with an academic reputation to consider, he has gone on record saying that the sphinx was built no more than 8,500 years ago. John is a lot less cautious, and he states that the sphinx is at least 12,000 years old.

The sphinx seems to have the backing of hard science to pr5omote how old it is, but Egyptologists refuse to listen, and John and his team have been banned from the site, but in April 1996 a new licence was granted to Dr Joseph Schor, an American millionaire who announced with Dr Hawass the Director General of the Giza Pyramids, that there are tunnels under the sphinx and that they would be opened by them on television in the near future. So we will just have to see, if they are opened up on international television then one mystery will at least be finally solved.


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