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48 years old
Los Rabanos,
Puerto Rico

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Native American Cultures, particularly the Taino Indian tribe of the Caribbean. I have combined my other love, photography, with my Native American interest. My work reflects both those interests. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


There is basically no music which I dislike. I will listen and enjoy practically anything; rock, classic, country, new age, international... I am pretty much open to any and all good music.

Particular music which I do listen to includes: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Rush, Yes, George Thorogood, Jimmi Hendrix, Santana, Jethro Tull, AC/DC, The Who, Queen, The Police, The Doors, Moody Blues, Chicago, Beach Boys, R.E.M, The Animals, Elvis Presley, Meatloaf, Styxx,Kiss, Tom Petty, and a bunch more. I also enjoy Alternative Rock from the 80's and 90's such as The Clash,Duran Duran, Blondie, The Cars, Men Without Hats, Men at Work, Soft Cell, Matchbox 20 Tones on Tail, The Cult,Bow Wow Wow, The Polecats, Missing Persons, The Tubes, Thomas Dolby, The Vapors, Love and Rockets, The Bangles, Haircut 100, Adam Ant.. you get the idea. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Same Time Next Year (Absolute Favorite), The Ten Commandments, Altered States, Miracle on 34th Street, Brazil(extended version), Blade Runner (Directors cut), Ben Hur, Silent Running, The Darwin Awards, Pathfinder (2007) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Messages Messages In This Digest (2 Messages) 1. Presencia Taina.TV, Saturday, February 21 2009 From: UCTP Office 2. Taino Confederation Expands Online Networks From: UCTP Office View All Topics | Create New Topic Messages 1. Presencia Taina.TV, Saturday, February 21 2009 Posted by: "UCTP Office" la_voz_taino@yahoo.com la_voz_taino Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:25 pm (PST) Presencia Taina.TV is televised weekly throughout the worldwide web this season on Saturday nite at 9 PM (EST). February 21, 2009: Saul Guatu Perez Soler/ Graciela Siba It can be accessed online at: http//:www.MNN.org or by viewing it locally on Channel 67 (cable TV) in the New York City area on Public Access Television scheduled every Saturday night at 9:00 PM (EST)!! Bo'Matum (Thank you) for your interest and support. Back to top Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) 2. Taino Confederation Expands Online Networks Posted by: "UCTP Office" la_voz_taino@yahoo.com la_voz_taino Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:25 pm (PST) UCTP Taino News - The United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) has added Facebook to its internet communications network. In its effort to increase the visibility of Taino and other Caribbean Indigenous Peoples, the Confederation continues to devote attention to the development of its online outreach capabilities. "Along with ongoing development of our web portal at www.uctp.org, we have been making use of internet resources like Blogger, Yahoo, You Tube, My Space, and now Facebook to expand our outreach potential." stated Ericc Ausubonex Diaz, the UCTP Director of Technology. Using these types of resources the Confederation has successfully developed a web presence for the Caribbean Organization of Indigenous Peoples (COIP) with its headquarters in Trinidad as well as for the Consejo General de Tainos Borincanos and the UCTP's Liaison Office in Puerto Rico. "While the UCTP Facebook page has a little catching up to do with the pages on other networks, the trends are indicating that online social networks are becoming a more important source of media communication." observed Diaz. Beyond social networks, the Confederation is looks towards improvements on its webportal, the acquisition of its own dedicated server, and being involved in some ground-breaking technology initiatives with other indigenous partners. As part of the International Indigenous ICT Taskforce (IITF), the UCTP is the Caribbean content editor for www.indigenousportal.com. Through its participation with the IITF, the Confederation is also supporting the campaign for a self-governing domain name for Indigenous Peoples. The "Dot Indigi" campaign a partnership between the IITF and the New Zealand Maori Internet Society (NZMIS) with the conditional support of World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The aim is to assist Indigenous Peoples around the world to be represented on the Internet in a space that is self governing, representative and restrictive of Intellectual Property abuses. "The internet and the online revolution is here whether our communities are prepared for it or not" noted Diaz. "Recognizing this reality, the UCTP will continue to use internet and communications technologies as our ancestors have used other tools for the benefit of our people and all our relations." Source: UCTPTN 02.17.2009 www.uctp.org div>

Alf, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Heroes, The Dead Zone, The Prisoner (60's), old television shows. The Grimm Adventures of Bill and Mandy, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, Starlost, Star Trek Voyager, Beauty and the Beast, The Office (American), The Benny Hill Show (British), The Jack Benny Show (television and Radio), 1st season of Lost in Space, MTV the first three years it was in existence. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Political Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


My Native American Ancestors. They fought the valient fight against those who oppressed them. In their honor, I use the phrase, "Cry not, for we YET live".

Welcome to the Boriken Warrior circle of friends. Don't forget to add yourself to the map below.


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Here for:Networking, Friends
Body type:5' 7"
Ethnicity:Native American
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Smoke / Drink:No / No
Children:Proud parent
Education:Some college

   Koa's Schools
University Of Hawaii At Manoa
Honolulu, HI
Graduated: N/A
Student status: Alumni
Degree: In Progress
Major: Photography
Clubs: University Newspaper

1998 to 1999
Leeward Community College
Pearl City, HI
Graduated: 1998
Student status: Alumni
Degree: Associate's Degree
Major: Photography
Clubs: School Newspaper, Spanish tutor

1995 to 1999
Washingtonville Shs
Washingtonville, NY
Graduated: N/A
Student status: Alumni
Degree: High School Diploma

1978 to 1978
Bayside Hs
Bayside, NY
Graduated: N/A
Student status: Alumni
Degree: High School Diploma

1974 to 1978

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Photography - Other - Photographer

Koa is very, very busy!

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About me:

Click bar below for EXCLUSIVE Boriken Warrior Merchandise! Support This Site Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Welcome to Boriken Warrior.I was born in Panama Canal Zone in 1960. As a military "brat" for the first 17 years of my life, I had the opportunity to live in Georgia, New York, Colorado, Alaska and Hawaii. One of my fondest memories is living in a small post in New York called Fort Totten. I was there for seven years and to this day, it remains one of the happiest times of my life.

I entered military service Jan, 1978. I left the service in 1992 with just under 15 years. During that time, I was a helicopter mechanic (Uh-1h Huey), aviation maintenance supervisor and an Aviation Life Support Technician.

I have been interested in photography since the age of nine. I first processed and printed my own images in 1978 at Stewart Airport, upstate New York (Newburg/Washingtonville). I started my Native American Imagery in Puerto Rico back in 2004 and have continued with it to this day.

I have two daughters and one son. I am also grandfather to a boy and a girl. Hi, Elizabeth! My wife is from Hawaii and my family is from Puerto Rico, so shuttling between the two islands has become routine.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My Native American photography started quite by chance as a 9th grade class in Puerto Rico wanted their portraits made as Hawaiians. My wife and I asked ourselves why Hawaiian? Did'nt Puerto Rico have a culture of their own? Thus began my journey into an entirely new world.

-In researching the Taino culture of the caribbean, I found that there were very few true images available. And the few that were available made the Taino tribe look like savages. The images where just horrible. In addition, I also found out that much of the Puerto Rican people knew very little of their own culture. In fact, they were more interested in the Spanish culture from Spain than in the rich heritage in their own backyard.

Getting the project off the ground was very difficult. The biggest challenge was in getting the models. The Taino tribe, living in a tropical island, basically wore no clothing. In fact, the females wore no clothing at all until they were married. Finding models to pose and maintain accuracy was practically an attempt at self destruction.

The first real photo shoot was difficult. Two males and two females arrived at the location. One female opted to keep her top and bottom on. You can see her in some of the images. The second female, as soon as the word "Internet" was mentioned, left immediately. Either way, the shoot was completed and the rest is history.

Please note. Of all the images I have produced, only one set (with girl halfway buried in the ground) was made under a controlled environment. The rest of the images were made in the deep jungles of Puerto Rico. The work was difficult, the models suffered and endured harsh environments, but the results have been phenomenal.

My work is an attempt to bring dignity and respect to my people and in effect, to the rest of my Native American brothers and sisters. Our ancestors have suffered in the past and I think it prudent that they be recognized for their hardships as well as for their under-recognized contributions to this nation and the world. I can only pray that my work has an effect on everyone, be it scholastic or emotional.

I sincerely hope you enjoy "our" work as much as we enjoyed making it. Boriken Warrior will be offering merchandise based on these images in the near future. Don't forget to request a "friend" add. You can then contact me directly or leave a public message in the comments section. In addition, you will receive timely notices on news and availability of new merchandise via the bulletin board. Thank's for visiting and please, pass the word along. -Koa-

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

At an early age, Koa knew that photography would be his chosen path. He became a professional photographer for the United States Army after studying journalism and photography at the University of Hawaii. He later returned to Puerto Rico to seek, find and photograph life where it did not exist…

In the manner in which humanity evolved and eventually discovered the secrets of nature, it ultimately stopped believing in magic. The bolt of lightning no longer announced the coming of the Gods and became a simple discharge of electricity and our origins were no longer attributed to corn or to clay but instead became a logical result of natural selection.

In Puerto Rico, this magical condition still lives via it’s indigenous past. It is no wonder that it still persists to this day since our indigenous roots not only form part of our past but also part of, although not actively, of our present. Feliciano has researched the works regarding the indigenous tribes on the island. He culled all his knowledge, experience and resources of more than 25 years to begin an Indigenous photography project in 2004. He wanted to present the theme in a manner which would showcase their humanity instead of presenting them as relics from the past. His desire was to show the sensuality, friendliness and tenderness which the Taino Indians held for their families. He did not want to photograph them as savages but instead, as human beings.

This talented photographer also unites with the Puerto Rican film, Guatagua. He presents his work to demonstrate that the indigenous culture of Puerto Rico still exists and that the magic of their beliefs should not be forgotten. The legend of Guatagua and this photographic exhibition complement the dreams and desires of the past and of the culture. Together, they reveal our desire of never forgetting who we truly are.

Koa’s photography evolves into a short film as you emotionally animate the static images into living objects by simply focusing the lens in your mind. On this occasion, Galerias Dilan invites you to transform these static images into a mental film by allowing your imagination to be the central character of each photograph.

Gretchelle Dil�n

Executive Director

Galerias Dil�n

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Producing this body of work was not an easy task. There were many people and agencies, both private and public who placed some very heavy barriers in my way. I am very sorry that they did not help and some even actually interefered. Nothing would have pleased me more than to have added them in this section.

However, there were many individuals who contributed immensely in the making of the images and those are the ones that I would like to thank.

I would like to thank Tony Gonzalez, history teacher at Gabriela Mistral High School in Casta�er, Puerto Rico. He was a fountain of knowledge and encouragment. I had a question, he had the answer.

My mother and father, who without them I would never have gotten started. They helped me with equipment purchases and materials. My father must have placed several thousand miles on his car taking me to photoshoots, factories, meetings; he even played photo assistant at many of the shoots. His house was always available for the models to come over and shower and even for huge BBQ's. Yes, we ransacked his place. He even brought to one of the shoots, on an emergency basis, several boxes of pizza. That was a bad day that produced many excellent images. He was a pilar of support then and now. So, to mom and dad... thanks!

I also need to thank all of the models involved. Without them there is nothing. They took a chance on me and my vision and where rewarded with pride in a job well done. Some did it for cultural pride, others did it so they could have something to show their grandkids what they looked like in their younger years (yes, grandma, you were a hottie). Regardless of their motivations, they endured long hours in harsh environments; hot outside and freezing when in running rivers, muggy and dangerous and the slippery rocks did not help either. Almost all of us slipped, tripped or otherwise found ourselves on the ground at one time or another. We laughed at our "clumsiness", brushed ourselves off and kept on going.

Using little to no clothes, the makeup itching and the positions they were placed in; it was all a challenge which they endured and a miracle that many of them actually came back for more.

To all of the models... I am humbled by your trust in me. I was thrilled when I saw the looks on your faces as you set your eyes on the finished images for the first time. And I was doubly surprised and thankful when you asked, "So, when is the next photo shoot"?

To all of you... thank you. THANK YOU! You are all the best and I bow before you for allowing me to capture your shining souls withing my tiny light capturing box.

I thank my wife Lilson and my son Raven for their un-yielding support. They were there from the very germination of an idea and have seen it grow. No complaints, no hassles... I thank you. And also to my daughter Samantha and my granddaughter Elizabeth. I rarely see you both, but we talk every week on the phone and as usual, your support has always been there for me.

And last of all, I thank all of you! The Native Americans who have become a part of the Boriken Warrior family, the photographers who spend countless hours with me discussing our craft and to all of you who happen to have stumbled upon this page. Thank you for your support, for passing the word around and for allowing me to share my vision with you.



Who I'd like to meet:

I would love to meet and accept as friends those people with similar interests in Native American Culture and in Photography.

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