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WWE Womens Chapion MICKIE JAMES is a graduate of the KYDA Pro Wrestling Training School.  She also spent her first two years in wrestling working for KYDA Pro.

TNA X-Division Superstar SONJAY DUTT is a graduate of the KYDA Pro Wrestling Training School.  He also spent his first two years in wrestling working for KYDA Pro.

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You must attend a recognized wrestling school! You must be correctly trained or your body will be damaged for life. There are no professional careers successfully obtained and performed without proper training/schooling. The sobering fact is all credible promoters will not waste their time booking you unless you can provide proper credentials. Upon completion of the KYDA Pro training, we help you build your credentials and become a licensed professional wrestler in the State of Virginia.


Upon successful completion of the training course, KYDA Enterprises, Inc. guarantees you a top-quality DVD of your first wrestling match, a promotional picture, assistance in establishing a pro wrestling resume, and a list of United States Promoters and Promotions. We encourage all our graduates to work for a variety of promotions in various states, however KYDA Pro promotes shows on a regular basis and focuses on the graduates as well as established superstars. Additional financing available.  Call for quote

Course Info

I. Wrestling Basics

  • Collar and Elbow Tie-up                          
  • Chain Wrestling
  • Running the Ropes
  • Bumps (front and back falls)
  • Forward Rolls
  • Poise/Posture of Wrestling
  • Basic submission and Shooting

II. Ring Awareness                                                                    

  • Running Ropes Exercises
  • Throwing from Turnbuckle to Turnbuckle                                                                                                      
  • Tackle - Dropdown Exercises
  • Climbing/Jumping from Ropes and Turnbuckles

III. Character Development

  • Finding the Look
  • Developing a Personality
  • Taking Initiative - Getting Tough
  • Provide information on wrestling boots and wear

IV. Psychology of Wrestling

  • Understanding "Good guy" - "Rule breaker" roles
  • Playing to the crowd
  • Putting together a 4 star match

V. Conditioning

  • Stretching Exercises
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

VI. Multimedia (use of video camera)

  • Interviews (live and edited) (long and short)
  • Training (mini matches)
  • Analyze Tapes

VII. Testing/Progress Report

  • Review all areas learned
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses
  • Mastering signature moves
  • Graduation

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