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Patriots re-sign punter Chris Hanson

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff March 5, 2009 04:48 PM

The Patriots announced that they have re-signed punter Chris Hanson today.

Hanson joins Tom Malone on the roster at punter. He finished last season strong, delivering one of his finest performances in the wind-blown finale at Buffalo.

The Patriots also formally announced the signings of linebacker Eric Alexander and safety James Sanders, and that they waived outside linebacker Darrell Robertson.

The Alexander deal was previously reported as a one-year package, while Sanders signed a three-year pact.

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8 comments so far...
  1. Hey!! More good news!!

    Posted by Nate March 5, 09 04:51 PM
  1. Good news? This is the worst news of the offseason. I can't take another season of Hanson shanking punts left and right. Hopefully Malone beats him out.

    Posted by Richter March 5, 09 05:17 PM
  1. Hason's 60+ yard kick INTO that Buffalo gale was as an impressive kick as I've ever seen and at a crucial time in what was essentially a playoff game.

    Big kicks like that - or shanks - can change the entire circumstances of a game in one play. You don't compete for championships without a kicker, punter and long snapper you can rely on.

    Interesting to see if the TBD long-snapper can come close to Lonnie P's remarkable consistency.

    Posted by mikeinNH March 5, 09 05:38 PM
  1. Hanson seems like he just wants to bomb every kick. Plenty of his punts went way into the end zone when he was within range to down it inside the 10.

    Posted by Tom March 5, 09 05:45 PM
  1. I don't remember him shanking, but he did improve on >20 pinning over the course of the season. I agree, there's room for improvement, but he definitely was trending positive Nov & Dec 2008.

    Posted by mikeinNH March 5, 09 06:31 PM
  1. Chris "kick it into the end zone" Hanson, welcome back, I guess.

    Posted by Boston B March 5, 09 07:02 PM
  1. Hey mikeinNH, I was more impressed with Matt Cassel's punt in Buffalo.

    Posted by NoVa Pats Fan March 5, 09 08:45 PM
  1. i really really hope we don't use him a lot this year....

    Posted by Jorge E. March 5, 09 11:11 PM
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