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The Mission of Mama Calizo's Voice Factory is to nurture the development of Queer Performers, Educators and Activists by providing them with Artist in Residence Programs and Arts programming. We believe that the process and product of creative activity have equal value, that all talent is worthy of development, and that artistic expression is essential to our community's health. We place special emphasis on supporting the work of Queer People of Color, Trans People and artists living with HIV/ AIDS.

March Madness Begins With The Premiere of 3 New Works That Pussssshhhh the Envelope...
STICK-what does it mean to want to watch? - Jorge De Hoyos and Company
Out of Order: a musical that comes out of a toilet.-
Fou Ha Ha
Does This Piano Make My Ass Look Big?
- Kitten on the Keys

Details about these performances are below.

March 12 – 21 , 2009
Thur-Sat at 8pm
New Work By Resident Artist----Jorge De Hoyos and Company
Buy tickets now at

Jorge De Hoyos and company create searingly intimate encounters in this original theatrical performance experiment. Unfiltered. Violent. Surreal. STICK’s all male cast confronts the raging underbelly of human attraction.

Bay Area Choreographer and Performance Artist, Jorge De Hoyos, is proud to present the world premiere of STICK. De Hoyos brings together a fearless all-male cast that subjects their bodies and their secrets to the voyeuristic eye of the audience. The result is a confrontation with human attraction that both shocks and lures the viewer into examining one’s own desires. STICK is a journey through and beyond homoeroticism that asks what forces are at play when two bodies meet? What does it mean to want to watch it? What does it mean to want to be watched? Spectators become active participants in this intimate, violent, and tender world where everyone is searching for the answer to what makes us stick.

In collaboration with fellow Bay Area performance artists Jesse Hewit, Ernesto Sopprani, and Nathaniel Justiniano, De Hoyos mines the tumultuous experience of same-sex desire with an aesthetic inspired by the surreal imagery and physical abstractions in the works of Pina Bausch; the fractured, cerebral aesthetic of film maker Jean Luc Godard; and the chaotic condition of our post-modern, high-speed, globalized society. The cast risks more than the revelation of their flesh, but their very own dreams and profane imaginations in an unfiltered performance that is at times combative and fragmentary, at times mired in solitude, and always relentlessly authentic.

For more information
contact Jorge de Hoyos at 661.645.9540

S. F. Slam and Experimental Mic----Every Second Sunday of The Month
March 8th Sign Up at 6 and 7 Show time
COST: $6 ALL AGES VENUE $100 Cash Prizes to top Slam

The City SLAM is San Francisco's POC and Queer forum for lyrical creativity. Poetry, music, dance, and all avenues of expression mingle each month in a lovely upstairs theater. The world's top touring poets perform each month. Aspiring locals compete for $100 CASH PRIZES and a spot on the S. F. Poetry Slam Team. Sign up! Poems judged by the audience

March 27- 29 and April 3- 5
Fridays, Saturdays, 8PM and Sundays Matinees at 2PM

New Works by Spring 2009 D.I.Y. Artist in Residence
Kitten on The Keys - In Her First Full Length One Women Show
Does This Piano Make My Ass Look Big?

Words and Music by Suzanne Ramsey
Directed by Dwayne Calizo and Suzanne Ramsey
Buy tickets now at

One of the few remaining native San Franciscan's, Kitten on the Keys is a frisky one ma'am band. Her long awaited one woman musical follows the hi-jinks of a dorky suburban gal who is not so secure, a bit addicted, and oh so slightly socially impaired. All of a sudden, with a flip of a switch, or an hallucination, her life changes by discovering punks, punk-rocker and the rock star lifestyle. This hilarious, rumpus, time-traveling fairytale will tickle your funny bones and stir your nether's like no other. Ms. Kitten's a little Judy Tenuta, a dirty-shot of Mae West, and a dash of Shirley Temple optimism.

On a side note: Her favorite female role models are Alice Cooper, Liberace, and Freddie Mercury. She composes, writes and choreographs all of her material while playing the piano, accordion, and ukulele all at the same time. Come experience this spectacle of Songs! Sequins! Sass! and A#%.

March 27, 29 and April 5-7 at 8PM
Mama Calizo's Voice Factory and Fou Fou Ha! and Everyday Theater present:

Out of Order: a musical that comes out of a toilet.
New Works by Spring 2009 D.I.Y. Artist in Residence Maya Culbertson-Lane
Buy Your Tickets Now at

“Out of Order” is a song and dance review set in a toilet. Performed by 8 buffoons known as Fou Fou Ha!, this journey of the absurd will blend slapstick, acrobatics, modern dance, Broadway cabaret numbers and drag queen Muppets as the animated cast of characters are high jacked into a Narnia-gone-wrong voyage through a washroom-portal.
Written and choreographed by Maya Culbertson-Lane, Fulbright Scholar and Artistic Director of Fou Fou Ha! and directed by Tim Barsky, artistic director of City Circus and writer of the smash hit The Bright River, this original musical features the talents of some of the bay area’s most versatile artists including Margery Fairchild, director of Dark Porch Theater, Jen Colasuonno and Ben Turner from Lunatique Fantastic, Vegas Jenkins of Klown-fi rock band Gooferman, and musical accompaniment by ragtime pianist Dizzy Decimal.

Fou Fou Ha! is a gender-blending comedy dance ensemble that combines satire and buffoonery with old-time animated cabaret numbers. Recently featured in The Guardian as one of the up-and-coming performance troupes in the bay area and co-winners of the Guardian’s Best of the Bay for best dance company, Fou Fou Ha! was named San Francisco’s “favorite new burlesque troupe” by the Examiner as well having “wonderfully choreographed performance of comical buffoonery that left the crowd in laughter borderingtears” by Metrowise Magazine.

We are currently accepting applications from artists and companies for the D.I.Y. Residency Program, The Hazardous Waste Project and The Natives are Restless 2009 season. Don't think about making art, JUSTDO IT! We will provide you with the support and tools you need to manifest your project and enrich our communities landscape. We have 3 different types of programs, all with a different focus and structure. By doing this we hope to provide artists of all levels an opportunity to participate in our community and it's programs.
Click here for more information.

We founded MCVF in order to provide a home for emerging and self-producing Experimental Queer/Activist Artists and Activists. Everyone involved is here because they are committed to the vision of creating sustainable models that encourage a lifetime of art making. We are dedicated to making a positive contribution to the S. F. alternative arts landscape, in educating through mentorship and breaking down social injustices. We are a community who collectively share tools necessary to help achieve these goals. We value and depend on volunteers, and on the volunteer mentality of supporting each other’s work, as well as the greater cause of self-determination for radical, queer, activist and experimental artists. Get involved now and help make our community even stronger! Contact Tavi at