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Arnold downplays a Terminator Salvation cameo

Arnold downplays a \<i\>Terminator Salvation\<\/i\> cameo quotes California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger confirming that he's seen a rough cut of McG's upcoming Terminator Salvation, that he's reluctant to take part in it and that he's not thrilled director McG has been bringing him up as a way to promote the movie.

"I said to the director when they began that I wish them the best of luck, that I'm happy that they move forward with the franchise, I am very happy with where I am with my profession as the governor, and they should try to find a way of doing a story that does not include me at all, not even one single shot in it," Schwarzenegger reportedly said at the 2009 Arnold Classic sports event in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend. "I don't believe in that. To kind of have them go out and promote the movie and say, you know, 'Arnold is in the movie,' and everyone thinks that I'm the Terminator, and in fact you only see one second of me in there, and so I don't think that's the right thing to do. And, you know, that's the danger of that, and that's why I feel reluctant to be part of the movie in the first place. So it doesn't get promoted that way."

McG told SCI FI Wire at WonderCon in San Francisco last month that he was scheduled to meet with the governor to persuade him to be involved with the film in some way. It's unclear whether that meeting took place.

It's been expected that Schwarzenegger's image might come to play in the movie, which in part charts the development of the iconic T-800 Terminator first played by the Austrian actor/politician in James Cameron's original 1984 Terminator. McG offered broad hints at WonderCon that a T-800 with Schwarzenegger's visage might figure in the movie, asking the crowd if they'd like to see him.

"One of the things we wanted to do was talk about the creation of the T-800," McG told the WonderCon audience. "It's difficult to tell who is a machine and who is a person. They've evolved. Skynet had to go through a lot of machines before they got to the T-800. They're harvesting humans so they can rip stem cells out of the back of your head to study."

Terminator Salvation is slated to open May 21.

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They can probably use CGI to make T800 Arnold model terminators now anyway. Maybe just pay Arnold a royalty for usi...More »


By squirrel at 5:48 PM ON 03/11/09

What does Arnold expext.... How does he expect McG to show up the T-800's in the future with no Arnold skins.... Afterall he is the Terminator. This is exactely like making a Batman movie without Batman appearing in the movie at all. McG is going to have to play tricks and games with these movies in order to push the show on to reach certain expectations from the audience and that is very risky.

Well Arnold doesn't neccessarily have to be in Salvation but couldn't he at least consider a less than 5 minute sequence in T5 or T6 to at least give the audience visual justice on the creation of the T-800 machines being covered with his skin....

Yet he's more than willing to play in T3 that he'll even put up some of his own money to shoot 1 scene he thought gave his character an indestructible sense.

Jeez a movie that has the possibility of being the best Terminator in the whole saga and practically noone wants to give it a chance....No wonder movies fail these days.

By Scanner at 8:42 PM ON 03/11/09

Actually, I think AS is right on the money. It's NOT just about him or 'his' Terminator. As we've discovered in T2, T3, and especially TSCC. Heck, it's not even the same timeline as the original Terminator movie, which I actually enjoy more than if they just pretended that the chances didn't make a difference.

Don't get me wrong, I'd think it was awesome if he was in the movie even just as the human character that the T-800 is imaged from. That would not only be smart, but a terrific and ideal cameo, which not only would not require him to be any specific age but can also let him appear potentially in future movies (so long as that human character isn't killed).

By ric822 at 1:38 PM ON 03/12/09

Arnold is far too busy terminating California's economy.

By Bad_Boy at 4:38 PM ON 03/12/09

They can probably use CGI to make T800 Arnold model terminators now anyway. Maybe just pay Arnold a royalty for using his likeness in models?

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