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USING LACE CARDS ON THE BROTHER KH-260 BULKY Author Unknown 1. Place Brother lace card of your choice in the machine and snap together. Lock card in place at row 1. 2. Knit 1 row right to left. 3. Set the Change Knob to the “KC” position; knit 1 row left to right. This will bring the selected needles forward. 4. If you plan to do an isolated lace panel, push unwanted needles to “B” position. For an allover design do nothing. 5. Carriage is at right. Transfer stitches from selected needles, moving them to the left. There will be 2 stitches on those needles. Be sure empty needles are in “B” position. 6. Release card lock lever and put on the 4 mark (not double length). *Put row counter out of work. Push both part buttons in. Take yarn out of yarn feeder and place out of the way at end of the machine 7. Pass the carriage from right to left. Needles are selected according to the punch card. Transfer stitches to the right. Always be sure to transfer the stitches in the same direction that the carriage will be going! 8. Continue in this manner, depending on the lace pattern selected, until there are no needles coming forward when the carriage is passed. 9. At this point release the part buttons, set row counter to work, put the yarn in feeder and knit 2 rows. 10. The needles should come forward on the second row. Then repeat from *. The card lock lever will remain at 4. Linda Molden Linda's Knitting Corner
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