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  CDi Series | Link: The Faces of Evil


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System: Phillips CDi
Developer: Animation Magic
Publisher: Phillips

Release Dates


October 10th 1993



The Faces of Evil was released on October 10th 1993, the same day as The Wand of Gamelon. They were both developed by Animation Magic and had a limited budget of £600,000 each, and because of this, they share some graphical and gameplay similarities.

The game starts when Link complains to the King of Hyrule that he's bored because the land is in a time of peace. Faraway, in the land of Koridai, Ganon's forces are building, and he's already captured Princess Zelda. A wizard comes to Link on a flying carpet and whisks him away to Koridai. While this storyline seems quite left-field, at the time of the game's development, little of the Hyrulian lore had been established, and only the simplistic NES games were available for reference. NCL had only a passing input - concentrating on the look of the Link and Zelda characters (as they were the only IPs included in Phillip's five-character deal).

Both Animation Magic Zelda games draw heavy criticism; while the beautiful backdrops are accepted by fans, the atrocious animated cut-scenes that bookend and pepper the games and the poor playability draw the most fire. The animated cut-scenes were created by a team of six Russian animators who were flown to the US specifically for the job, and the jarring voice acting which further ruined (or you could say "completed") these scenes were all a result of the game's insufficient budget and Phillip's insistence that all the capabilities of the CDi format were used. However, the CDi machine wasn't designed as a games console and many systems came with a laggy infrared controller, and other system limitations further compounded control problems. To make matters worse, the team of four artists, three programmers and one musician were given little over a year to create both games.

The only positive legacy of the Animation Magic Zelda games have been the gorgeous backdrops - they helped create the most realised Zelda at the time - but gameplay and audio were distinctly average; not awful, but not worthy of the "Zelda" label, either.

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