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(Last updated 17/8 2007)


Experience improves player abilities during a match, but how players gain experience is not easy to figure out.


Experience for a match


Friendly                                     0,1 point

International friendly                   0,2 point

League                                       1   point

Cup                                            2   point

National   (Tournament)               10 point    (All players receive points)

National   (Friendly)                      4?  point   (All players receive points)



There are still many different opinions to when a player receives experience. I use the method shown below in my investigation and it fits very good.


If a player is updated after the match, he receives exp. points according to that match. He will be updated if he score a goal, receives yellow/red card or if he gets injured (even if he's not substituted).

Notice, a player does not receive more experience because he score several times or for instance score a goal and get booked in the same match.


If  on the other hand, he is not updated, he has a chance of receiving tripple amount of points, and a risk of not getting anything. How big the chance is to get tripple points is unknown, but something around 20 - 40%.


- In cup matches players don't receive tripple points but only double. That is 4 points if the player don't need to be updated, but still receives exp.


I have been told that HT do update goals and cards for friendlies too, so the method is also used in these matches.


My own investigation has showned that players needs to get 28 points for them to raise a level.



National Team

Last season I had a player on U20, so finally I found the "formula" for National Tournament matches. About National Friendlies I don't know anything yet, but hopefully I will, one day  :)



I have received lots of mail about YP's increasing to wretched experience after only a few matches, so I feel it is safe to conclude that these players can be "born" with some experience, so the first level will go very fast.



Is it possible to see how many points a player has earned?


No it's not! As with the regular skills, exp. levels has decimals, so it's not possible to get a precise number, but you can get an indication of the players current exp. level by using the methods mentioned below.


Coaching subjects


With players who has been in your club for at least 16 weeks, and who has at least inadequate experience, there is a very effective method.


Do the following:


-  Log in to Hattrick, choose your club and after that "Training"

-  Press "change coach", and after that "Use existing player"

- Find the player you want to investigate and choose him.

- His tactical abilities are not important so just choose one. Now you can see how much it costs to make him into an inadequate coach. Notice, it's always the price to make the player an inadequate coach you must use, no matter how high his experience might be.

- This price is then matched with the model below and VOILA....now you know how many points your player has.



Prices are in US $


Points Inadequate Passable Solid Excellent Formidable Outstanding Brillant Magnificent
0 43800 35200 29400 25200 21900 19500



1 43100 34700 29000 25000 21700 19300



3 42300 34200 28700 24700 21500 19200



5 41600 33700 28400 24500 21300 19000



7 40900 33300 28000 24200 21100 18900



9 40300 32800 27800 24000 21000 18700



11 39600 32400 27500 23700 20800 18600



13 39000 32000 27200 23400 20600 18500



15 38400 31600 26900 23100 20400 18300



17 37800 31200 26600 22900 20300 18100



19 37300 30800 26300 22700 20100 17900



21 36700 30400 26000 22500 20000 17800



23 36200 30100 25700 22300 19800 17700



25 35700 29700 25500 22100 19600 17600



27 35200 29400 25200 21900 19500 17400




If his price is 40.300 it means he has between 9 og 10,9 exp. points.

Tabels for other levels, will be added when they are completed. There are some problems with the numbers, and I am not sure they are all correct, so if you have anything to add, feel free to contact me on HT mail :)

Other players

With all other players there aren't any precise way, but you can count it yourself with my excel document, which can be downloaded   HERE


I'll try and give a short explanation here:

Min. points: The amount of points you know your players has earned. 

Max. point: The maximum amount of points he could have earned. This is if he receives points for every game played, no matter if he needs updating or not.

- If minimum points reaches 28 your player should rise a level for certain.

- Maximum points is a little different. You can use this as an indication of when your player has a chance of rising. He won't have a chance until it reaches 28.

So far this has shown me that a rise won't happen before the "minimum points sum" is near 20.

But you could be lucky  ;-)


Carlei, SIF Bryggen