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American Idol: What You Didn’t See

American Idol, Anoop Desai Ray Mickshaw / FOX

If you're shocked that Anoop Desai didn't get the ol' heave-ho on tonight's American Idol elimination, don't be. He's got something on his side: the admiration of young voters (who know how to use a telephone).

"I like him because he seems nice," said 10-year-old Nathan from Long Beach. Awww.

We got a golden ticket to tonight's taping and noticed that out of all the kids with handmade signs for their favorites, nearly half were for frontrunner Adam Lambert (no surprise there) and the other half were for...yep, Anoop. What? No signs for Danny, Alexis or Lil Rounds? Nope.

Here's what else you didn't see on air:

Anoop Dogg Pin
  • "Don't encourage him!" joked host Ryan Seacrest to a fan holding a sign reading "Simon Is Always Right" during a commercial break.
  • Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson weren't the only two celebs in the house. Former Idols Justin Guarini, Phil Stacey and Chikezie were on hand to watch, too. (Kanye, BTW, taped his performance in advance.)
  • Guarini tells us, "The frontrunners are obviously Adam and Lil Rounds. But that's a blessing and a curse, because now they have to keep it up." His advice for the new wannabes? "Get lots of sleep and protect your voice. Be quiet if you can, and drink Throat Coat tea. It helps."
  • Alexis Grace escorted visually challenged Scott MacIntyre to the stage at the show's opener and then back to his seat.
  • The packed studio cheered the loudest for Adam and Anoop. Little fan reaction came when Jorge Nuñez and Jasmine Murray took the stage.
  • In the playback of Tuesday night's performance show, new BFF Danny Gokey low-fived Adam as the rocker boy got the loudest applause of all.
  • Anoop's parents were wearing red-and-blue pins featuring a photo of Anoop in the style of the famous Shepard Fairey Barack Obama "Hope" campaign posters. Proceeds from the sale of  the "Anoop Dogg" pin go to a fund for the family of a recently deceased friend of the singer.

Are you surprised at Anoop's following, or are you one of his fans? Sound off below...

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