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News and Events

University of Appalachia Changes Name to Appalachian College of Pharmacy

Mar 9, 2009

The University of Appalachia Board of Trustees at its February 17, 2009 meeting voted unanimously to rename the institution the Appalachian College of Pharmacy.  This action was taken upon the recommendation of the College’s accreditation consultant to facilitate and streamline the institution’s upcoming application for accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (“SACS”).  The College must obtain SACS accreditation to become fully accredited.  The institution’s president, Michael G. McGlothlin described the change as necessary to “better reflect who we are and what we do as an institution.”  The University has only one program – the Doctor of Pharmacy program – and the use of the term “university” does not accurately represent the singular stand-alone nature of the College’s operations.  The new name Appalachian College of Pharmacy more accurately reflects the institution’s mission to serve the health needs and to train pharmacists to serve the health needs of rural and underserved communities particularly in Appalachia and around the world.

The College will submit an application for accreditation with SACS in March 2009 and was recently notified that its accreditation status with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education ("ACPE") was continued until June 30, 2010.  This name change will not affect the College’s accreditation status with ACPE or the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The College was founded in August 2003.  The Buchanan County Board of Supervisors and Buchanan County Industrial Development Authority requested Frank Kilgore, assistant county attorney, establish the College as an economic, educational, and health care development project. The College was established as a private, non-profit, non-member 501(c)(3) educational institution. The College is strategically positioned in Buchanan County, Virginia, which shares borders with Kentucky and West Virginia in the center of the Appalachian coalfields. The Appalachian region faces significant economic and educational hurdles as well as health challenges. A recent report to the Virginia Legislature documented that residents of Southwest Virginia have difficulty obtaining and paying for health care, including dental and pharmaceutical care. By bringing higher education and advances in health care to the region, the College is well positioned to be a catalyst for positive changes in economic development, education, and health care.

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