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Pro wrestler Andrew "Test" Martin found dead in Tampa home

msn.foxsports.com — Andrew "Test" Martin, a World Wrestling Entertainment star from earlier this decade, was found dead in his Tampa, Fla., apartment Friday night. He was 33 years old. The cause of death wasn't immediately known, the Tampa Tribune reported. Martin worked for WWE from 1998 to 2004 and 2006 to 2007.More… (Other Sports)


Top 10 Hype-Worthy 2009 Athletes

askmen.com — It used to be a “What have you done for me lately?" society, but people don’t have the patience anymore. Now, it’s all about "What are you doing for me now, and what will be next?" Here’s a list of the top 10 hype-worthy 2009 athletes that will be inviting comparisons all year.More… (Other Sports)


Ken Shamrock Tests Positive For Steroids, Suspended One Year

mmafrenzy.com — UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock was suspended for one year by the California State Athletic Commission after the veteran fighter tested positive for multiple steroids.More… (Other Sports)


The moment a free diver took on a 12ft tiger shark (w/PICS)

dailymail.co.uk — Free diver Craig Clasen took on more than he bargained for during a spearfishing expedition when he was forced to take on a 12ft tiger shark. Mr Clasen went head to head with the aggressive predator, shooting it seven times with a speargun, in order to save his diving companion from attack.More… (Other Sports)


Sporty joint implants could go the distance

newscientist.com — Future athletes should be choosing their surgical implants as carefully as their shoes, say UK researchers working on a way to customise joint replacements to specific sports or activities.More… (Other Sports)


Fall from grace: 10 athletes you don't want to be

msn.foxsports.com — Every young sports fan dreams of being a professional athlete -- the fame, the fortune, the adoring fans. But when it comes to these 10 athletes, all bets are off. Legal trouble, PR trouble, you name it. We present the 10 athletes you don't want to be. More… (Other Sports)


A Guide to Starting Out in Triathlon

zenhabits.net — The Ironman, a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run, is certainly a distance that most people can’t relate to, at least not at first. However, the good news is that there are several different distances of triathlons that the average person can enter and comfortably complete with only a few months of training. Read on to learn more....More… (Other Sports)


The Story Behind The "Two-Handed" Professional Bowler

sports.espn.go.com — "I remember, during my very first shot, coaches watched me and they thought I was just mucking around, hey came right over to me and told me that it was for real now" said Jason Belmonte, the two-handed now professional bowler. "That was a bit of a kick in the gut..."More… (Other Sports)


Saudi Racers Roar All Night, Fueled by Boredom & Repression

nytimes.com — Drag racing may be the most popular sport of Saudi youth, an obsessive, semilegal competition that dominates weekend nights.More… (Other Sports)


Top 10 Gruesome Sports Injuries...You May Feel Sick

askmen.com — We know it's horrible, but we just can't stop watching these gut-wrenching and gruesome sports injuries.More… (Other Sports)


9 Cruise Ship Activities for Sports Enthusiasts

mentalfloss.com — While deck-based driving ranges remain a thing of the past, modern cruise passengers aren’t exactly lacking for things to do. Here’s a sampling of some of the more interesting offerings.More… (Other Sports)


20 shocking and tragic sports deaths

msn.foxsports.com — Gone too soon. 20 deaths from the sports world that shocked us all.More… (Other Sports)


Sri Lankan cricket team attacked by terrorists

news.com.au — Members of Sri Lanka's national cricket team have been wounded after gunmen opened fire on their vehicle in eastern Pakistan. More… (Other Sports)


Michael Phelps, Meet Muhammad Ali. Just Say No.

burbia.com — Can you name an Olympic gold medal winner who was publicly vilified for breaking (or appearing to break) an unpopular law? I can name two: Michael Phelps and Muhammad Ali.More… (Other Sports)


ESPN Reporter Quits Because "Forced" To Fly Coach

dailyherald.com — Hey, it's a slippery slope. First they make you fly coach, then they don't let you stay at the Four Seasons then, before you know it, you're paying for your own spa & gym membershipsMore… (Other Sports)

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