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Crash of speeding Ferrari kills MMA figure Charles Lewis

latimes.com — He was a former lawman who called himself "Mask" and advocated a hold-nothing-back lifestyle that helped transform MMA fighting into a craze and turned his own fighting apparel company into a multimillion-dollar business. Before dawn Wednesday in Newport Beach, Charles Lewis was killed when his Ferrari collided with a white Porsche.More… (Extreme)


Base jumpers: The men who fall to earth

timesonline.co.uk — What would drive someone to risk life, limb and liberty by breaking into the world’s tallest building and jumping off the top of it with just one small parachute? Ed Caesar infiltrates the secret society of the death-defying base jumpers.More… (Extreme)


How obsessed daredevil walked high wire between Twin Towers

dailymail.co.uk — In 1974 Philippe Petit, a 24-year-old tightrope walker, attempted the seemingly impossible: a death-defying crossing of the 200ft void, without a safety net or harness.More… (Extreme)


Sydney surfer says he survived body-slam by giant shark

news.com.au — * Surfer says shark slammed into board * Board left broken but man unhurt * Shark unit investigating attack GLEN Lockery reckons he must be one of the luckiest men alive after surviving a body-slam by a shark.More… (Extreme)


Iraq Veteran in One-Legged Wing Walk (w/Video)

thesun.co.uk — Daredevil Iraq hero Rory Mackenzie wing walks at 180mph... on one leg. Rory, 27, lost his right limb in a roadside blast in Basra that killed a pal. More… (Extreme)


Surfer mauled in first shark attack off Bondi Beach for 80yr

dailymail.co.uk — A surfer's arm was shredded by a shark off Australia's Bondi Beach - the first attack at the popular tourist spot for 80 years.More… (Extreme)