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Who Profits From Red-Light Cameras?

msnbc.msn.com — More cities are signing up for red-light cameras, making handsome profits for companies that operate them. What's less clear is whether the cameras improve safety. While studies show fewer T-bone crashes at lights with cameras and fewer drivers running red lights, the number of rear-end crashes increases. More… (Autos)


Marc Newson's Qantas A380 Interiors [pics]

fastcompany.com — Makes you want to fly to Australia.More… (Travel & Places)


In Italy, a Vending Machine Even Makes the Pizza

nytimes.com — The machine, which Mr. Torghele calls Let’s Pizza, is only the spearhead of a trend. Restaurants reminiscent of the old Horn & Hardart chain in the United States, which are fully automatic, are also showing up around the Continent.More… (Food & Drink)


8 symptoms women over 40 shouldn’t ignore

today.msnbc.msn.com — Most minor discomfort is a sign of ... not much. Maybe you had a heavy meal, a stressful day, a hard workout — and by the next day you feel fine again. But a handful of trivial-sounding symptoms can sometimes be red flags for something more serious.More… (Health)


Washington Post: Can the Volt Jump-Start GM?

washingtonpost.com — The automaker hopes the battery-powered car will be a game changer. Critics say it's too expensive.More… (Autos)


Hugh Hefner Selling $28M Mansion

huffingtonpost.com — Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is unloading the Holmby Hills mansion adjacent to the Playboy Mansion for $27,995,000, which has been home to his estranged wife Kimberly and their two teenage sons since the late 1990s.More… (Travel & Places)


Grief Therapy: Is Talking about Loss Good for You?

spiegel.de — It didn't take long for the psychologists to begin arriving on the scene. Just hours after Tim K. fired the last bullet..New research suggests that showing no symptoms of trauma at all may actually be a sign of health, rather than being a sign of problems. What's more, some researchers believe that well-intentioned clinicians may be causing more More… (Health)


Traffic may trigger heart attacks

msnbc.msn.com — The next time you’re trapped in traffic, fuming that your fellow drivers are about to give you a heart attack, here’s another good reason to pull over: You might be right. New research shows that people who had heart attacks were three times more likely than not to have been sitting in traffic an hour before their symptoms began.More… (Health)


How people can think themselves sick

newscientist.com — Simon Wessely's research on conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome have led to hate mail, yet far from dismissing these illnesses as imaginary, Wessely has spent his career developing treatments for them. Clare Wilson asks what it's like to be disliked by people you're trying to help.More… (Health)


The scariest Teahouse ever [pics]

dezeen.com — The tea house is built atop two chestnut trees, cut from a nearby mountain and transported to the site, and is accessible only by free-standing ladders propped against one of the trees.More… (Arts & Culture)


Boeing 777 safety measures 'insufficient' to prevent risk

business.timesonline.co.uk — Interim safety measures put in place on 220 airliners with an engine flaw are “insufficient” to prevent the risk of a fatal crash, according to the US air safety body. The National Transportation Safety Board said that passengers could not be sure that the procedures, adopted by airlines flying Boeing 777s with Rolls-Royce engines, would work. More… (Travel & Places)


Finger Length Predicts Speed, Aggression, Smarts, Motivation

livescience.com — Boys with ring fingers longer than their index fingers run faster, a new study finds. Finger-length ratios have been related to a host of things good and bad, from fertility and disease vulnerability to test scores and personality traits.More… (Health)


Movie Theater Popcorn, It Really Is That Expensive

i.gizmodo.com — Here you see a movie ticket and kernel popcorn, as scaled to their price increase over the past 80 years. Needless to say, things have changed.In 1929, The Great Depression popularized popcorn as a movie time treat since it was cheap, easy, tasty and somewhat filling. Back then, a bag cost you 5 cents. Now, a (small) bag costs you $4.75. More… (Food & Drink)


10 kids drink windshield wiper fluid at daycare

news.yahoo.com — Hospital officials say 10 children drank windshield wiper fluid after staffers at an Arkansas daycare center mistook the liquid for Kool-Aid.More… (Health)


Anthony Bourdain Picks the Best and Worst Food Shows on TV

tv.msn.com — Fans of Anthony Bourdain first took notice of this New Yorker's raw and wry eye for food commentary with his nonfiction book, "Kitchen Confidential,"More… (Food & Drink)

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