5-a-side social leagues

Northern Ireland Futsal run 5-a-side indoor football leagues in the Futsal format for men and woman of all standards of fitness and ability. Leagues are based in Belfast and the surrounding areas. Matches are officiated by referees are 38 minutes long (19 minutes a half) with a 1 minute interval at half time.

  • All matches are played indoors you won't have to worry about what the weathers doing, you have a consistent playing surface all year round.
  • Its easier to get a team together only 5 players are required on the court, and up to 5 substitutes are permitted.
  • Form a team with your friends or work colleagues.
  • We supply the match balls, and bibs if your team does not have yet have a kit, or if colors clash. All you have to do is turn up and play.

What is Futsal?
Futsal is FIFA's version of indoor 5-a-side football. It uses a special reduced rebound Futsal ball, smaller goals and touchlines so the ball can go out of play. Futsal has been designed to provide a high paced, energetic, fast flowing game for spectators at the same time as allowing players to be at their most creative by protecting those showing attacking flair.

Some of the world's greatest players past and present have attributed their skills to Futsal. Pele, Socrates, Zico, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kaka to name a few.

Have fun - Stay fit - Stay in shape
Playing football regularly burns fat and boosts metabolism levels, during and after the game. It also offers a host of mental and physical fitness benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease, lower stress levels, improved mood and self esteem. Its a fun way to lose weight keep fit and stay in shape, and playing in a team means you'll have the motivation to keep working harder week in week out. The physical demands of Futsal are generally greater than traditional indoor football. The rules of the game ensure the game is played at a consistently high tempo these include.

  • 4 second restart rule
    Goalkeepers are not allowed to control the ball in their own half for more than 4 seconds. Players are not allowed to take more than 4 seconds to take a free kick or kick in from the touchlines.

  • Touchlines
    Futsal uses touchlines like traditional 11 a side football, there are no wall passes to get a player out of trouble or rebounds if a player misses. Players have too work harder to keep the ball in play.

  • Reduced rebound ball
    The reduced rebound ball spends more time on the floor at players feet, players must work harder as a team to make runs and angles to receive and pass the ball in defence and attack.

Safe - Fair football
Futsal is a very safe sport, this makes it an ideal form of football for recreation or training for traditional football. The rules are designed to minimise foul play and potential grey areas where players use unsporting means to gain an advantage.

  • Accumulative foul system
    Fouls for both teams are recorded each team is allowed 5 fouls per half. Any foul after that is punished with a direct free kick from the second penalty spot. Only the opposition goalkeeper is allowed to defend this.

  • No sliding tackles
    Players are not allowed to slide tackle when challenging for the ball