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Common Name:

Ninja Shrimp

Scientific Name:

Caridina serratirostris




will tolerate a wide range of temperatures, but best kept at 72°F-78°F

Water Parameters:

can probably live under a wide range of water conditions


Algae, fish food (flake, pellets etc)


This variety comes from Japan, but it is distributed all over southern Asia, Indian and Pacific Oceans basins.

Larval Development Type:

Normal: larvae go through several planktonic stages before metamorphosing into post-larvae (miniature shrimp) and assuming a benthic lifestyle.  For this process they need brackish water to full strength saltwater.

The Ninja Shrimp gets its name from its  ability to change its colors completely "on the fly",  so the "original shrimp" disappears like a ninja.  This Shrimp is particularly popular in Japan, but has not found wide distribution elsewhere. At this point I do not know of any shrimp keepers or breeders in North America or Europe who even have this shrimp. To my knowledge C. serratirostris has never been imported to the US and Europe. This shrimp has an incredible array of color varieties, that not only depend on its mood but seem to be distinct geographic variations. There are black and white shrimp, red and white shrimp, all red shrimp with a white, vertical line on their backs and brownish speckled shrimp. Some examples of color variations of this shrimp can be seen below.

Similar to the Red Cherry Shrimp and the Amano Shrimp, the Ninja Shrimp can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and can be kept outside in garden ponds in frost free areas.


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