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  Open Government
  Central Intelligence Agency
  State Property Committee
  Information Communication Technology Agency
  Communications Regulatory Committee
First Deputy Premier of Mongolia
  Intelluctual Property Office
  Center of Standardization and Measurement
  Unfair Competition Regulatory Authority
Deputy Premier of Mongolia
  National Authority for Children
  State Professional Inspection Agency
  National Emergency Management Agency
  National Committee on HIV/AIDS

Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia

  Management Academy
  State and Governmental Service Agency

Ministry of Finance

  Mongolian Tax Administration
  General Customs Office

Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs

  General Police Department
  General Authority for Border Protection
  State Center for Civil Registration and Information
  General Authority for Implementing Court Decisions
  National Archives
Ministry of Foreign Relations
Department of Service for Diplomatic Corps of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Environment
  National Agency of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment Monitoring
  Water Authority
Ministry of Roads, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development
  Administration of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography
  National Center-Construction, Urban Development and Public Utilities
  Civil Aviation Authority
  Railway Authority
  Transport service center
Ministry of Defence
General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour
  General Authority for Social Insurance
  Labour and Welfare Service Agensy
Ministry of Minerals and Energy
  Foreign Investment Agency
  Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry
Ministry of Health
  Mongolian State Committee of Physical Culture and Sports

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