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 Inuit hunters haul a polar bear they killed in Greenland one of 700 allowed to be shot each year

Battle to save the polar bear from extinction

Summit to discuss limits on hunting as starvation hits Arctic population.

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  • Cyclotherapy
    Dispatches from the cycle lane: James Daley, Simon Usborne and Simon O'Hagan explore life on two wheels

Cyclo-therapy: 'I just don't get how people can feel so angry about the fact that I listen to music while cycling

A few weeks ago, after having the temerity to write that I don't much like sharing bus lanes with motorbikes, I was bombarded with a collection of the most offensive e-mails and website posts that I've ever received. So hysterical was the debate on The Independent's website that a motorcycle magazine decided to write a news story about it – which in turn drove dozens more to post their hateful musings on our site. One motorcyclist even suggested that he and his fellow bikers push me under a bus (which didn't do much to convince me that this is a reasonable bunch).

New, much less familiar solutions are emerging in the battle to stave off climate change

Ten alternative ways to save the World

We get the message. The planet's doomed unless we get our act together PDQ. We even know some of the measures needed to give ourselves a chance. But which less orthodox proposals could stave off disastrous climate change? Environment editor Geoffrey Lean has a cunning plan


The Green List

    Britain's top 100 environmentalists

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