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Item: SCP-532

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At present day technology it is physically impossible to hold 522, or keep it away from the populace at large; it's composition and the fact that it can split and divide its form into multiple "tendrils" negates all feasible methods. As of now, the only form of contact will be observation and tracking, which in itself presents difficulties.

Description: 532 is a stream of raw sewage that rushes down subterranean tunnels and sewers. It tends to circulate underneath the bigger cities. It is made up of feces, urine, dirty water, trash and garbage, and dead animals and is identical in every material respect to regular waste products. However it presents several noticeable unique qualities, particularly in the area of locomotion, including:

  • Ability to defy gravity; it will frequently reverse its course and go against the flow of the normal refuse, even climbing up pipes and entering vertical shafts and channels.
  • The main mass (or what can be determined to be) can slow down or speed up regardless of the current.
  • Can fork and split and the offshoots will posses all the same traits as long as they are attached, however tenuously and slim the link is, to the central body.

It uses these deviations for one purpose; to inject itself into clean systems. Tendrils have been observed entering everything from water treatments plants to farming equipment attached to pumps. However, it's target is always one individual in particular, and all actions taken are simply steps in the goal to kill that person through poisoning. Its first step of attack will always be to surround the victim's house, plug all pipes and drains with its mass that lead out, and infiltrate their plumbing, so any activation of the faucets will lead to sewage coming out.

Through a poorly understood memetic or telepathic effect, the person consuming or using the sewage will visualize it as normal hygienic water, abet sometimes a smell, thickness, or slight murkiness is detected. They will continue drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing in the sewage until death, most likely from infection, disease, or organ failure. They can notice fully their decline in heath, and mentally understand all remarks on their appearance (such as tangled dirty hair, black substances hanging on their body, and a sickly pallor,) and stench (often breath and body odor are described as "reeking") but nothing can be done about it, no conclusions are reached; due to their own confusion and the bafflement of their doctors (who realize what cause the symptoms correspond with, but cannot find the source; everyone else sees the water as pure as well), and often the response to criticism is more washing (17 of the victims have been found in bathtubs full of sewage, with soaps and scrubbers of many kinds all around them, their skin raw and bleeding), leading to a even speeder demise.

When the person goes out into public, at least one tendril will follow them directly underground. It will then contaminate anything they attempt to drink from, quickly moving up into place, including bubblers, sofa fountains in fast food joints, and glasses of tap water at restaurants (somehow it knows when to come out of the spigot, and which cup will be given to the victim). It does the same to food; seeping into boiling vats, bubbling up from grates and "burping" onto carried snacks, and in one instant a jet of liquid excrement shot out of the toilet, covering a cook from head to toe, and then dripped onto the prepared meal. Because washing your hands is mandatory in the service business, the victim can virtually go nowhere without consuming part of 532.

After the victims death, chunks, puddles, and small miniature rivers of 532 will inch and flow back into the plumbing, and erase all evidence that they were ever there.

It is unknown how or why 532 chooses the people it does.

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