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Item #: SCP-544

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A living quarters with 4m x 4m x 4m dimensions has been provided and furnished with a twin sized bed, a 27" LCD television and DVD player, and a series of books predominantly of the Sci-Fi or Horror genre. These items are property of SCP-544 previous to his residence with the foundation and have been examined and allowed, all are mundane in nature. If subject leaves his quarters he may do so at his leisure but must notify the guard on duty who will accompany him throughout his leave and until his return to the cell. At no point should any attempt be made to touch the doll known as SCP-544-A from here forward unless specifically asked to hold the doll by the subject.

Termination Protocol ██████ █████ requires that SCP-544's room be sealed so no visible contact is possible with living persons outside the room, and the contents of the room be doused in flame from units hidden within the corners of the room. SCP-544 has remained quite co-operative and does nearly anything requested of him so long as SCP-544-A is with him. SCP-544 refuses to take a life unless his own or SCP-544-A is threatened, with a documented exception after an extended separation of the two.

Description: Subject SCP-544 is a Caucasian male of approximately ██ years of age whose physical appearance is often mistaken for ██. The difference in age may be attributed to the doll but it has been verified that youthful appearance is common in the subject’s family. Subject's birth name is █████ ██████ however has agreed to be referred to by 544 as well. There is nothing significant about the subject's appearance other than the apparent age lapse, he has brown hair and blue/grey eyes, weighs approximately ███ lbs and has been classified as 'marginally overweight' likely as a result of the type of employment he was involved in before coming to our attention. A dietary plan has been prescribed. Following Addendum 544-3 a training regimen has been scheduled, this should be followed whenever possible. Subject’s height appears to be slightly variable within 5-12 cm (2-5in) of 1.83m (6ft), this may be attributed to the effects of SCP-544-A.

Subject SCP-544-A is a plush doll that has through unknown means been modified in appearance. The original doll was temporarily available through ████ █████ in █████████ and was intended to represent fictional character █████ █████. The doll is female in appearance and while the original doll could be described as 'Adequate' at best the doll carried by SCP-544 is more lifelike and contains fine attention to detail. At this time the doll is 0.79m (2ft,7in) in size. See Addendum 544-3. At the time of SCP-544's admittance to the Foundation the doll was 0.66m (2ft,2in) in size. SCP-544 himself states that the doll was only 0.46m (1ft,6in) in size when first purchased. SCP-544 has speculated maximum height may be approximately 1.68m (5ft,6in) or so and he is unsure what may occur if this is reached. When questioned as to where this maximum size estimate comes from, SCP-544 states timidly, "That's what I want her to be."

While SCP-544 is in contact with the doll he is placid and social if somewhat awkward to interact with. The doll is often carried clutched to the chest or attached to the back via a harness designed by the staff at subject's request due to the increase in size. When in voluntary disconnect with the doll subject remains placid but becomes more nervous and shy, and has been noted to show an additional increase in tension when surrounded by two or more female staff. This tension is not present when the doll is held. Extended separation of SCP-544 from 544-A is not to exceed two weeks due to the events in Document SCP-544-2A. If SCP-544 is required to leave his room for a longer period SCP-544-A must accompany him. In the event the two week interval is breached upon return the facility SCP-544-A must be immediately presented to SCP-544 and be allowed to oversee the scheduled termination of at least five (5) Class D personnel. If SCP-544 requests to be dismissed for less than five he is to be allowed to do so, however no more than five terminations should be carried out in this manner in a one month period.

During questioning of SCP-544 he states he is keenly aware of what are described as 'threads' lingering above the heads of those around him. These threads are black primarily although he has stated observing other colors from time to time, and go up into the ceiling to a point of unknown origin. SCP-544 states he observes these threads at all times but during prolonged separation it becomes difficult to draw his attention away from them, even if not being directly looked upon they are 'visible' in his minds eye. SCP-544 describes being able to manipulate them. “Touching" a string causes sensations in the string's owner of intense dread and panic. Subjects whose strings are "broken" die immediately without identifiable cause. SCP-544-A appears to benefit from subjects who die in this fashion with changes in its appearance. The most noticeable change in SCP-544-A is its increase in height and weight, followed by increasingly life-like appearance and addition of detail.

Observation of SCP-544-A during the "breaking" of a thread is next to impossible. Viewer attention fails due to a blink or distraction. Equipment will malfunction for mere seconds so the exact event cannot be recorded or witnessed, but the after-effect can be fully documented.

Addendum 544-1: Just as SCP-544 should not be separated from the doll please take steps not to insult the doll with intent to upset either the subject or the doll. Both seem to be able to take off-hand remarks made in jest without a problem and SCP-544 is well aware of his overt attachment and dependence to the item, but commentary intended to scathe one or the other is highly hazardous. We should not have to remind staff that this SCP is co-classed as Keter for a reason.

Addendum 544-2: Do not let SCP-544 linger for too long by SCP-682's containment cell. SCP-682 was stated to have numerous "threads", more than SCP-544 has ever observed on a single life form, and that these threads detach on their own while new ones spring forth. The separation for these two is not for the benefit of SCP-682 but a 5cm (2in) increase in height and a change in the fabric of the clothing on the doll was noticed in SCP-544-A just from lingering in the vicinity for less than 5 minutes. This could relate to the highly regenerative properties of SCP-682. After Addendum 544-3 this issue has become moot but should still be observed where possible. We are increasingly interested in SCP-544-A's 'Evolution', however we should not actively encourage it and potentially miss the chance to gain further insight into its nature.

Addendum 544-3: A sudden surge in SCP-387 resulting in an outbreak was contained by SCP-544 being in the vicinity. The outbreak was controlled at the breach in containment and the dispatched crew found SCP-544 there frozen in place pleading for anyone who approached to "Please do something about that hole". The growths from SCP-387 died immediately upon leaving the containment breach through the severing of their "threads" by SCP-544. During this time it was difficult to make direct eye contact with SCP-544 as reported by the containment crew, but at least one firm-willed member reported SCP-544-A as "writhing and bubbling" just outside direct line of sight. After this incident SCP-544-A was found to have developed movable joints in the arms and legs and is now 'poseable'. When carried by SCP-544, SCP-544-A's limbs wrap around him in a 'piggyback' fashion. There are no fingers or toes on the doll as of this time.

SCP-544's ability to exterminate contagious biomaterial such as this has been duly noted and he has agreed to join a task force to control and/or exterminate hazardous outbreaks in exchange for his furnishings and on the condition he be allowed to take SCP-544-A with him or place 'her' in the care of a staff member of his choosing. This request was agreed to and Dr. █████ has agreed to watch over SCP-544-A should its owner be in the field and transport of the doll be impossible.

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