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Science and Economic Advisory Council

Nancy Kerkvliet, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Oregon State University
The Annapolis Center for Science-Based Public Policy Board of Directors

Robert L. Hirsch, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Chair, Board on Energy and Environmental Systems, National Research Council

Sallie Baliunas,Ph.D
Harvard-Smithsonian Center
for Astrophysics


Steven I. Baskin, Pharm.D., Ph.D., DABT, FATS
U.S. Army

Robert Bush M.D.
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Ray Campion, Ph.D.
President Emeritus, Mickey Leland Medical Center

Gail Charnley, Ph.D.
Healthrisk, Inc.

Donald E. Hagen, Ph.D.
University of Missouri-Rolla

Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Randall Lutter, Ph.D.
American Enterprise Institute

Lt. Gen. Gerald North, Ph.D.
Texas A&M University

Clive Page, Ph.D.
King's College of London

Paul Reiter, M.Phil., D.Phil.
Centers for Disease Control
(Dengue Branch)

Michael E. Schlesinger, Ph.D.
University of Illinois

Walter "Tony" Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
University of Florida

Thomas Star, Ph.D. 
TBS Associates




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