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Prospective Students - High School Admissions

High School students are guaranteed direct admission into the School of Computing Science provided admission requirements are met. Follow this link to Student Services for detailed information.

Admission Guarantee

High School students who meet the guaranteed admission requirements on their final admission grades will receive early course enrollment as well as guaranteed residence accommodation (for full-time students who apply to SFU by the early admission deadline). Refer to Student Services for more information.


Many SFU entrance scholarships, awards, and bursaries ranging in value from $100 - $34,000 are available for outstanding new Direct Entry students. For instance, all students with a final admission average of 90% will automatically receive a $3,500 Summit Scholarship.

There are 40 SFU Surrey Entrance Awards worth $2,000 available to students who plan to begin their studies in Computing Science at the Surrey campus through a cohort program. Students with academic averages between 80-89 percent are eligible to apply for the award.

Additional information, application and nomination forms are available here.


Click here for a list of available programs.

Did you attend high school in another province or in another country? If so, please refer to the Student Services website for complete admission requirements.

High school students can be directly admitted into the School of Computing Science through either the Burnaby or Surrey campuses.

Fill out the online form at the Post-secondary Application Service of BC (PASBC) site. See below for detailed campus-specific instructions.

Burnaby Campus Applicants:

Surrey Campus Applicants:

In two to three weeks time, you will receive an email from SFU containing your temporary user ID and password.

Use this ID and password to log into the Student Information System to pay your application fees and document evaluation fees (if any) by credit card.

Once you've been accepted to SFU, check out the new student welcome page which will provide you with information on getting a computing ID, enrolling in courses, paying tuition fees and more.

Deadlines - apply to SFU by the appropriate deadline.


See the Student Services admissions page for a complete listing of high school courses which may be used to meet our entrance requirements along with an explanation of the SFU application process. Please be sure to read the information in these pages carefully and note the Writing and Quantitative requirements.

Other Entry Options...

If you do not meet the direct admission percentage we still strongly encourage you to apply as the School will review and consider all applications where students have obtained high grades in English, Mathematics, and at least one Science. If we do not feel you are ready to be admitted directly into our program, you can still apply to Computing Science after completion of our 3 qualifying courses. Please refer to the Internal Transfer page for more information.



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