Balance Life/Work
Laid Off
So You Got the Boot - Now What?
Being laid off can be a tumultuous time, both financially and emotionally. Don't let the negative experience get the best of you. Take charge and turn it into the most constructive time of your life.

Syndicated Options in Challenging Days
As budgets tighten, editors must consider what options remain when searching for growth opportunities and determine which content still 'works' for them.
Furlough Poses Challenging Times for Editors
With the furloughs that are spreading through numerous newspaper chains this first fiscal quarter, many editors are being ordered to stay off the job completely -- a challenge for most.

Media Layoffs Mild Compared to Other Industries
Though all major studios made massive cuts, the media business was not as hard hit when compared to the carnage in some other sectors. In 2008, the media sector suffered 28,083 layoffs.
New Reality For Job Seekers in Ad Industry
During economic downturns, those that are newly unemployed will need to adjust their expectations to new industry realities -- especially those with traditional backgrounds.


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Dream Jobs in entertainmentDream Jobs in Entertainment
Starry-eyed newcomers ready to show creative vision and passion in hopes of a big break need more than talent and luck. Learn what it takes to get your hands on jobs in the entertainment industry.
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Online jobs that really payFind Online Jobs that Really Pay
Getting paid to do what you love is a truly rewarding experience. Online jobs offer a vast variety of opportunity to turn your Internet savvy into an innovative and profitable consulting career.

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