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q.gif (24967 bytes)General Introduction: I was not sure how this site would be used, but it appears to attract a wide range of people with differing amounts of background to their study of Quetzalcoatl. This brief introduction is intended to create a starting point for your further study, and as a framework against which you might understand the other papers on the site.

I have compiled a working bibliography of Quetzalcoatl over the years, and provide it as a starting point for all interested in the topic. There is no attempt to distinguish the better from the lesser sources.

The "Annotated" link is an annotated bibliography of sources (primary and secondary) for the study of the Quetzalcoatl material. It is not comprehensive, but certainly a good starting point.

The Elements Analysis contains both the raw data outline for the elements of the Quetzalcoatl legend, as well as some articles analyzing certain elements.

The "Oral Tradition" paper discusses the effect the Spanish had on the transmission of native oral tradition. It discusses the particular types of alterations in the native tradition that can be traced in the extant sources.

I will freely admit to a fixation on Quetzalcoatl. I have spent way too many years trying to trace the threads of this extraordinary tale.

The papers listed here are pieces of a work in progress (so slow a progress that it shames the concept). I will post more pieces as I am able to pull them together.