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Harry Potter Bookscarf Pattern

posted 5 July 2005, Tuesday

Harry Potter Bookscarf
I have long admired the house scarves worn in the Harry Potter films. Since I don't have much use for a woolly scarf here in San Diego, I decided to make this bookscarf in anticipation of the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, being released in just a few days.

Yarn - DMC Pearl Cotton, size 5 (abt 27 yd/5 g per skein): #815 garnet (MC), 2 skeins; #976 gold (CC), less than 1 skein. [Note that these are the colors used in the pictured bookscarf and are not necessarily the most authentic Gryffindor colors. Substitute your favorite house or school colors as desired.]
Needles - US size 0 (2.0 mm) set of 5 double-pointed. [Since gauge isn't vital, you may wish to experiment to find which size produces a fabric you like.]
Notions - US size 4 (2.0 mm) steel crochet hook [This is used for the provisional cast on and for adding the fringe. I matched my hook size to my needle size, but any relatively small size will do.]; tapestry needle.
Gauge - 11 sts and 15 rnds = 1" in St st worked in the round. [Obviously you don't need to worry too much about matching this gauge. I'm just letting you know what my gauge was.]
Finished Size - 1.5" wide by 9" long including fringe. [This is the size of the pictured bookscarf. Your size may vary depending on your gauge.]

Leaving a tail of approximately 12", cast on 32 sts in MC using a provisional cast-on and CC as scrap yarn. Divide sts evenly onto 4 needles (8 sts per needle), and join for working in the round. [If the thought of knitting something this small in the round sounds like too much trouble, you could knit it flat and seam it up one side. Alternatively, knitting it flat in 1x1 ribbing should produce a similar looking fabric which would lay flat with no need for sewing.]

In St st (knit all stitches) work 16 rnds in MC, *2 rnds in CC, 4 rnds in MC, 2 rnds in CC, and 16 rnds in MC.* Repeat from * to * 3 more times. [When changing colors, you do not need to cut your yarn. Just carry the color not in use up the inside. As you pick that color up again, pull it snugly enough to tighten up the last stitches in that color but not so tight that it bunches up the rounds in between. Feel free to do more or less repeats of the stripe pattern to make your bookscarf whatever length you like.]

Slip final round onto 2 needles (16 sts per needle) making sure the beginning of the round (where the jog in the stripes occurs) is at one edge. Leaving right side out, take another needle and do a 3-needle bind-off across the end of the bookscarf. [Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for a video on the 3-needle bind-off. However, in this case, leave the wrong sides facing each other.]

Cut yarn leaving a short tail. Pull tail through to inside bookscarf with tapestry needle or crochet hook. Turn bookscarf inside out and weave in any ends that need to be secured -- except the tail from the cast-on which you will need next.

Turn bookscarf right side out and return to the provisional cast-on. Remove scrap yarn while slipping these live stitches onto 2 needles (16 sts per needle). Double-check that your stitches are correctly arranged on the 2 needles so that this end is aligned with the other end and the side edges are straight. Do another 3-needle bind off across this end to seal the bookscarf completely up. Leaving a short tail, cut yarn and use tapestry needle or crochet hook to pull tail to the inside.

For fringe, wrap MC yarn around a 1.5 to 2 inch wide piece of cardboard about 54 times and then cut across. [I actually wrapped mine around the end of a ruler.] Take 3 of these strands of yarn and fold them in half to form a loop. Use the crochet hook to pull this loop through the end of the bookscarf at the side edge. Put the yarn ends through the loop and pull tight. Continue across both ends of the bookscarf spacing tassels about every other stitch. Fold bookscarf in half and trim the ends of the fringe even.

Pattern © 2005 Laura K. Miller.

More photos (click thumbnails to enlarge):

Bookscarf Gallery - pictures sent to me by people who have made their own bookscarves.

Have you made a bookscarf?  I would love to see it and (with your permission) add it to my gallery.  You may send your picture to lkmiller(at)gmail(dot)com.

1. cara left...
7 July 2005, Thursday 6:20 am ::

thats a great bookmark thatnks for sharing!

2. Emily left...
7 July 2005, Thursday 6:32 am ::

How very, very clever! Worth of admission to Hogwarts.

3. Zebby left...
7 July 2005, Thursday 7:26 am :: http://www.thebewitchedstitch.blogspot.c

How great is that! I love your book scarf! Very creative and very nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

4. Lorri left...
7 July 2005, Thursday 2:31 pm

I love this! Size 0 needles scare me a bit but I want one to use with the new book. I may have to give it a try.


5. Denise left...
7 July 2005, Thursday 5:19 pm

Thanks so much for posting this pattern. I plan to knit one next week for my new book! Can't wait!

6. Tina left...
7 July 2005, Thursday 11:51 pm

What a great idea! Will definitely make one for my husband who is WAITING for the new book - and I will get them both when he is done... Thanks for sharing!!!

7. Alison left...
8 July 2005, Friday 8:16 am ::

What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

8. Dagny left...
8 July 2005, Friday 2:18 pm

Love it, thanks for sharing!

9. Melanie left...
9 July 2005, Saturday 6:39 pm

Thanks for the pattern. I believe I will make one, though my preferred house is Ravenclaw. :)

10. alison left...
17 July 2005, Sunday 4:39 am ::

Very cool! What a clever idea. I may just have to make one for my new book! Thanks again for sharing the pattern. :)

11. Tabby left...
18 July 2005, Monday 1:35 am

Aww, that's the cutest thing ever! I have leftovers from the full sized scarves I made from your pattern; I so have to try this one, too!

Tabby - You're probably thinking of Lauren Kent's full-size scarf pattern at atypically.knit. - Laura

12. Holly left...
18 July 2005, Monday 9:29 am ::

Very cool idea! I may just have to whip a few up for the HP lovers in my life. :) (Of course, that means one for me too, lol.)

13. Diane left...
18 July 2005, Monday 11:57 am

What a fantastic idea! I'm pulling out the DMC this evening. I've got a bunch of HP fans here at work who'll love 'em. Thanks for sharing!

14. Kim left...
19 July 2005, Tuesday 7:53 pm ::

I love it--what a great idea; thanks for sharing! I'll be looking for materials for a Ravenclaw bookscarf :)

15. Ina left...
20 July 2005, Wednesday 11:59 am

Very clever - I'm starting mine today! I anticipate much screaming when they're handed out. Will send pix, but will spare you the audio file.

16. Tina left...
21 July 2005, Thursday 12:20 am ::

Greatest idea as I've told already, have made one, will show it on my blog tonight...

Kim's (two commerntaries above) blog is called knitterinprogress, rest of the webadresse stays the same...

Tina - Thanks for letting me know the correct site address for Kim's blog. I fixed the link above. - Laura

17. katie left...
25 July 2005, Monday 10:34 am ::

Ohmygoodness! So cute--must make one! Um, does yarn dieting also apply to embroidery floss?

18. Christy left...
26 July 2005, Tuesday 1:07 pm ::

This is great! My friends and I are all HP obsessed - this'll be much quicker than trying to make them full-sized scarves! Thanks for sharing this!

19. Michelle left...
27 July 2005, Wednesday 2:58 pm ::

Very cute idea. Thanks for writing up a pattern!

20. Elfie left...
25 August 2005, Thursday 1:28 pm

This is absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for posting the pattern.

21. Tonks left...
27 August 2005, Saturday 9:54 pm

Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern. I have never knitted in the round before and am trying to get the hang of it. IF I manage it I am planning to make these beauties for each of the members of my Harry Potter book club. I'm starting with my family and will send in photos of my results once I finish. I am so grateful for you sharing this wonderful idea!!! Huggles, Tonks

22. zee left...
13 March 2006, Monday 6:53 pm ::

It's perfect! Something I can do for my books!

23. Sana left...
21 June 2006, Wednesday 4:12 pm

The idea of knitted bookmarks is great, but your little scarf and its realisation are absolutely gorgeous!

24. Prof Wise left...
4 July 2006, Tuesday 10:02 am

Just popped over from Potter Point, this book scarf rules!!!! you are so clever!! Chat to you later

25. Garnet left...
31 July 2006, Monday 7:53 am

Can circular needles be used instead of the double points for this wonderful bookmark?

26. Jennhx left...
6 February 2007, Tuesday 1:07 pm

Thanks for the pattern, Laura! I completed one in Gryffindor colors for one niece. Next I'll have to make one in Ravenclaw for the other niece.

Garnet -- I did mine with two circular needles instead of dpns. It worked fine!

27. scrappyjacki left...
8 February 2007, Thursday 8:21 pm

Thank you for sharing this pattern! I just started knitting again, after a rather long absence and was looking for something fun! I don't have a lot of time so this is perfect! Can't wait to use it for book seven!

28. Sandra left...
10 February 2007, Saturday 2:05 pm

wow what a compliment to the harry potter books

29. RevPennyAnnie left...
5 March 2007, Monday 11:21 am

I love it! I can use your pattern to knit any one of the other houses as well. It is going to make reading Harry Potter more memorable.


30. Matthew left...
7 January 2008, Monday 11:04 am

Does anyone have a bookscarf for sale?

31. shennie left...
6 December 2008, Saturday 6:07 pm

These are adorable,but could I knit them flat?I have zippo experience with dpns and I 'm not starting now:D

32. shennie left...
6 December 2008, Saturday 6:18 pm

THESE ARE ADORABLE!But could I knit them flat?I have zippo experience with dpns and since this is a Xmas persent I don't intend to start now:D

33. Laura left...
7 December 2008, Sunday 7:57 am ::

Shennie -- Yes, you can definitely knit these flat and sew them into a tube, or you can try knitting flat in k1, p1 ribbing. Look through my Bookscarf Gallery ( ), and you'll see a couple examples of both methods.

34. shennie left...
8 December 2008, Monday 7:10 pm

Laura I think I'll knit it flat in K1,P1 ribbing thank you!