Resident Evil Survivor

The Resident Evil series tries to tell a side-story via a first-person shooter, but with disastrous results.

As the last human survivor in a city overrun by monsters and other mutants, you collect weapons and other items during your escape, which is much less exciting than it sounds. Survivor fails on almost every level. From the lame, unappealing story and the clumsy first-person shooter interface to laughable monsters, even rabid fans of the RE series will squirm through this one. The game isn't scary or suspenseful; its only saving grace is the existence of a few narrative elements that support the ongoing story of other "real" RE games. Don't be fooled by this one: Take "Resident Evil" out of the title, and all you have left (besides the name of a hit TV show) is a below-average corridor shooter. The scariest thing about this game is how awful it is.

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