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The 25 Sexiest Women In Rock!

A countdown of gorgeous female musicans from the rock and indie world...

  • Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A definitive list of stunning female stars in music. Devoid of pop acts like Britney Spears, Shakira et al, the following women truly have talent. Click through to see who makes number one...
Pics: Shirlaine Forrest / / Splash News / PR Photos / Sharjo

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  • Mosshart should have been way further up the list than that!

    ~ by Bob 3 days 11 hours ago

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  • Where is Beth Ditto?! And the two babes out of the Magic Numbers?!

    ~ by Feeder 3 days 11 hours ago

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  • Where is Zooey Deschanel?!! FFS

    ~ by Bechamel 3 days 11 hours ago

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  • good call for #1. i was gonna complain if she wasn't in there! but where's meg white?

    ~ by chockablock | Send Message | 3 days 10 hours ago

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  • Does Katy Perry qualify is MIA qualified?

    ~ by jobber 3 days 7 hours ago

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  • @Gigwise are the scream playing any new songs yet?
    alistairbeech on Fri Mar 20 15:16:10 via web
  • @Gigwise I couldn't agree more
    OlatzDeSolaeche on Fri Mar 20 14:46:00 via web
  • @Gigwise dugg. Would you return the favor, and digg this pls?
    SusanMacD on Fri Mar 20 11:50:05 via TweetDeck
  • @Gigwise sounds like you're enjoying it.
    CovertPR on Fri Mar 20 03:14:20 via web
  • @Gigwise Bruce Replogle, former PR for John Lennon (Double Fantasy), The Band, etc. is positioning FREERIDER for "American Invasion" of UK
    FREERIDERrock on Fri Mar 20 00:41:01 via web
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