January 31, 2009 @ 2:40 pm

50 Cent Releases Video Threatening Rick Ross

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Rapper also calls DJ Khaled a “faggot”

50 Cent has a message for rapper Rick Ross: “I’m deciding to fuck your life up. Rick Ross, I’m going to fuck your life up…for fun.”

All this after Ross— who’s been getting clowned since last year for his alleged past as a Florida corrections officer— released a record called “Mafia Music” where he spits, “I love to pay ya bills, can't wait to pay ya rent/ Curtis Jackson baby mama, I ain't looking for a cent/ Burn the house down.”

Less than a week later 50 Cent, shifting into his now-distinguished bully mode, dropped a reply record called, “Officer Ricky” where he rapped: “Boss,' nigga, you ain't a boss/ Pussy nigga, you're lost/ Listen, Officer Ross.”

On a video released today on Thisis50.com, the rapper explains why he feels Ross took shots at him.

“I ain’t never had a confrontation with these niggas,” 50 said while sitting up in his G-Unit office in Manhattan. “I don’t know these niggas. I know your name, I’ve seen your videos [but] other than that we ain’t got no business together. We ain’t got no reason to even be talking to each other. Niggas think that it’s an opportunity to create energy or an excitement for the actual release of their record. And I understand it, it may be more attention than you usually get but it’ll be the kind of attention where when it goes away, you go away.”

In the video 50 also takes subliminal shots at Lil Wayne’s plans to make a rock album (tentatively-titled Rebirth), and calls DJ Khaled a “faggot.”

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HUNTIS says:

Baby Baby Baby you have enough money to buy Rick Ross why bother with the B.S. He's trying to capitalize on a beef that doesn't even exist. Be the bigger man and walk away. For the love of Tupac and Biggie just walk away.


Immaculate_1 says:

dude you guys are crazy they beefed all the time back in the day its what makes rap more interestin i f**kin hate lil wayne im tired of hearin this auto tune shit except for t-pain hes the shit but its like everyone is scared of a lil drama and its very vagina like rick ross is a liein puss you guys call 50 a bully but if someone is talkin shit about you are you gonna jus sit there and take i dont think so ima do everything it takes to win myself so more power to ya 50 you the shit


trinibeauty says:

When will these beefs with these rappers be over.It's time to stop all this nonsense.


SylTheDeal says:

Rick Ross is not his name.

The Real Freeway Ricky Ross is in Texarkana Texas serving the last year of a lenghthy prison sentence.

Check out www.freewayenterprise.com.

In the mean time, Mr. 50, ummm Sir, how about you expose that fraud for the fake that he is starting with the jacking of Rick's name and persona while he was in prison?

And may you have the wind at your back!


rUCK says:

50 is soo immature, what baffles me the most, is he got documents about the dude.
but 50 is new york all the way, real street.


Robgiotto says:


You are partially right. African Americans shouldn't tear down one another. But fifty is doing nothing different than any other major corporation who wants to protect their intellectual property. Curtis Jackson is being smart by protecting his brand and image. His rough, and tough gangsta persona, as well as, coming from the streets and being shot several times, is what help build his empire. This has very little to do with Fifty beefin with Rick Ross, like some sensless street mess. When it comes time for Fifty to release another gangsta rap/hip hop album would he generate the same units as in the past if he is no longer viewed by his base as someone from the streets?


anel1906 says:

For some reason this has really hit a nerve with me. As a Black person I felt embarrassed and ashamed that this even made the news. We do not need to see what we already see every day in our communities, on the news, in the papers…Black men being ignorant and wasting time tearing each other down instead of lifting each other up. I listened to the video of 50 Cent taking this to a level that it does not have to go to. He tries to come across as if he is the bigger star, but in reality hearing him talk is more whack than seeing Rick Ross in a correctional officer’s uniform. 50’s antics are old and tired! Been there, (still there), done that….. We see and hear about our young Black men EVERY day wanted, dead, being jailed, thieving, cheating, and “beefing”. 50’s attitude is nothing new in respect to Black men…”Oh you tried me. Now I got to handle mine.” It is unfortunate that even when our Black men have an opportunity to do the right thing, they chose to do wrong. To threaten someone just because they said some words, oh yes! They were just words, is just ridiculous and juvenile. Until our Black men let go of the boy in them and stop these playground frolics, we as a community cannot thrive. It is this type of foolishness and ignorant attitude that is ruining our young Black men. Someone is always disrespecting them, “tryin’'” them, or crossing the line. This is what causes lives to be lost, jail time to be served, tears to be shed, lives to be forever changed, the public to have reason to say that our Black men are worthless, and family members to lose sleep. Most importantly it is what causes our Black community to stay stifled, broken, one step behind, weakened and ultimately endangered. We need our Black men to draw closer, work together, build together and inevitably stop “beefing”. Just squash it!

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