Photographs: Lascaux, le ciel des premiers hommes
copyright Stephane Begoin
Hunther/gatherer, sun, sky and caves :
Chantal Jegues Wolkiewiez, prehistoric skies :
Cave of Lascaux :
Lascaux, prehistoric skies, PHOTOGRAPHS, others...
Stone Age Astronomers
What if, 25,000 years before the accepted birth date of astronomy, our ancestors had already observed the movement of the principal heavenly bodies and constellations? What if their awareness was evident in their cave paintings and engravings? What if these prehistoric artists were also gifted astronomers?
 This amazing hypothesis, backed by fieldwork and high-powered calculations, emerges from the gloomy caves decorated by our Paleolithic (Stone Age) ancestors in southwest France between 10,000 and 30,000 BC. Before French scientist Chantal Jegues-Wolkiewiez published her findings, the first astronomers were assumed to be Babylonian (1900 BC). In dark, painted caves, a lone scientist pieces together the amazing story of the first-ever astronomers.
 Her fascinating scientific adventure takes us back into the heart of human preoccupations and dissects old myths. One by one, the caves reveal their secrets. This is a scientific investigation and thriller about the amazing story of the birth of astronomy...