Title: Phantom Cognition

Author/Artist: Iba Takeo

Publisher: Princess Comics

Style: Shojo -- Horror/Supernatural

# of Books: 7+

Rating: Pg-13

Summary written by: Gloria Oliver

Main Characters:

Kazuya Katase

Kazuya was brought into the organization not quite of his own free will. He's a tough kid, somewhat of a loner. Kazuya comes to find out he can see things other people can't at school. As a rash of deaths plague the school, he meets Yuki, who turns out to be more than he seems. While Kazuya does not like Yuki at first, thinking he has laughing eyes, as he gets more involved with the group, Kazuya comes to rely and earnestly want to protect Yuki. He loves teasing Yuki as well.

Kazuya can see auras as well as ghosts. His psychic powers manifest themselves in the form of a sword. His birthday is on 11/13. Height 176 cm, weight 57 kg. Blood type is O. Age is around 17.

Yuki Kagurai

Powerful member of the government organization investigating strange occult occurrences, Yuki looks anything but. Sweet and innocent looking with light brown to blonde hair, Yuki is a quiet and sensitive individual. His powers grow throughout the series and start becoming an issue as it appears like he might leave all the rest of them behind.

Yuki joined the group in order to have the government pay for the medical needs of his comatose mother. Yuki sometimes forgets to eat or sleep from his worry at her well being. Secrets are hidden in how she came to be as she is, which eventually start haunting Kazuya to figure out.

Yuki's powers can manifest in many different ways. His sensitivity to the supernatural is a lot higher than Kazuya's. This is at times used against him. Yuki is not happy with the power he finds he possesses, but wants to use it to help others in any way possible.

Yuki was born on 8/18. Height is 168.5 cm and weight is 48kg. His blood type is A. He's quite good at basketball. Becomes good friends with Kazuya. In book 1 he is 16 but turns 17 in book 2.


Story Summary

While book 1 was not overtly impressive, being just one case after another without much character development, then hits book2! Iba Takeo then seems to hit his stride and things become much more interesting.

The secret organization is comprised of the Boss,a strong woman, and five agents. Kazuya and Yuki are normally a team, but not always. The different members also support one another and the older members attempt to teach things to the others. Amongst the members are Mai, a young girl whose strength lies in seeing spirits and feeling impressions from objects. She has a lot of money, and is very eager to help, though Kazuya keeps telling her she is too young to get involved so much. She fights with Kazuya constantly and babies Yuki.

Another member is Kiriyu. He is a tall, dark, handsome man with the power of psychic knives and healing. (Though his methods for healing lead to innumerable embarrassing moments, especially to Yuki who tends to get hurt.) He works at a local hospital and normally teams up with Amano. Kiriyu has had some rough times in his life, but never lets any of this show. Loves to keep the two boys off balance.

Amano is an older man and is a mentor to the others of the group. He always has his hair in a ponytail, and sports a Fu Manchu style mustache. His main power is to make fire at will.

A member later added to the group is Shingo Kumigi. Shingo was 16 years old and when he's hit by a meteor/energy ball, he died and his body then became possessed by an alien. The alien, who is taken under Yuki's protective wing, doesn't seem to have arrived here willingly and remembers little of who and what he is. Shingo was almost killed by the group when he first arrived, as he was inadvertently killing people while still trying to come to grips with his situation. Though he is in a 16 year old boy's body, a lot of the time he seems like an innocent 5 year old.

The cases and stories are varied and wide, but normally deal with supernatural and bloody deaths. Definitely not for young viewers! Yet the underlying secrets which are slowly but surely pried out of each of them are what makes this a strong series worth looking into.

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