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by pace on Mar.09, 2009, under Economy


Doom Doom Doom!

Thats right.  Its time for DOOM!  This isnt doom because consumers are spending less and probably buying things that are actually worth buying.  This isnt doom because stocks have returned to a somewhat realistic valuation.  This isnt your grandfathers doom delivered by shiny booted, goosestepping, little dudes with silly mustaches.  This is the doom that comes from a media and a bunch of achievers who have their heads so far up their collective tards that, well, for some reason someone is paying them money for their brilliant-ness.

If there is a clear sign that youre fucked it is because these people are still  employed.  Until they get the boot and are sitting somewhere spending their untold amounts of stashed in foreign safe house money, youre DOOMED.  Youve got people who were consistently wrong for at least 5 years still doing their same job. (continue reading)

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I finally get Twitter

by pace on Mar.04, 2009, under Politics

Even the Illuminati has standards and Im probably just getting old here, but Ive gotten almost every Internet technology that has been around in the last 15 years right away.  Ive evangelized most of it, but I just didnt get Twitter.

Tweet this MoFo!

Tweet this MoFo!

Who cares what your friends are doing second by second.  If you really need to be joined at the hip to them, then you should be living with them, not stalking them with your mobile.  So who, why, what is this seemingly stupid technology for? (continue reading)

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Just when you thought it was safe

by admin on Mar.03, 2009, under Announcement

the Illuminati website is back online.

We opened up membership for over a year and none of you absolutely none of you achieved illumination by finding our headquarters.  Some of you overly clever types looked up information from the Internet registries, dialed phone numbers, drove by addresses, sent emails, regular mails, and wasted all sorts of time that could have been better spent serving your masters.  You failed.

That doesnt mean were going away.  As we promised over 5 years ago, were online and were here to stay.  So now you have to put up with our blog.

All your currency belong to us!

All your currency are belong to us!

And, as you can tell, the NWO is going swimingly as we prepare to launch the global New Deal.  Get ready for currency consolidation!  That is just one facet of our plan that is unfolding in front of your eyes.

Gordon Brown has set the stage for what promises to be the lightning adoption of our new global currency.  With the ability for the Illuminati to directly control monitary policy in every country, the NWO plan is moving into play for a 2012 arrival date.  Keep that year marked on your calendar and prepare to dump all other currency in an unprecedented move away from the Dollar as the standard bearer.

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