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Site updated on
15 October 2008

[Graphic] Inscription on a European chapel.

Group reunion in Tucson - a huge success!

     Thank you to our Group reunion organizers and volunteers! You all did a wonderful job!

     The reunion and activity venues (as well as the execution of all of those numerous, and sometimes cumbersome, tasks necessary to create a successful event like this) were handled superbly by:

            464th Bomb Group President - George Krynovich (778)
            and his son, Don

            464th Bomb Group Vice Pres. - Art Rawlings (778)
            and his wife, Elise

            464th Bomb Group Secretary - Tony Schneider (776)
            Karen Boney (Daughter of one of our members)
            Wynn and Rich Mancini (The Rawlings'
            niece and nephew-in-law)

     I would like to mention the names of some of the others who contributed to our reunion's success in one way or another. I would like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to:
      Beverly Stowe (aka Mom)
For the keychains she made of beads that she had crafted by hand. And for the beautiful pendants - also hand-crafted. She donated these items for the Group's "Goodie" bags. Thanks, Mom.
      Robert Hoskinson (778)
For the many CDs of data that he compiled, brought to the reunion and distributed at no charge to those wanted them. I also wish to use this space to recognize Bob as the co-webmaster (and my Guru) for our web site. Since it's inception, 8 years ago, Bob has generously donated his time, effort, experience and historical data solely for the benefit of the visitors to our 464th Bombardment Group web site.Thank you, Bob.
      Dorcas Schneider and Shirleyann Hubbard
For patiently stringing all those pendants that Mom made.Thank you, ladies.
      Jason Aubrey, Scott Hahne, Kent and Jaelynne Hathaway,
      Carla McCoy, Steve
and Ann Marie Myers, Del Pollard,
      Bernd Simon (777),
and Brett Taylor.
For sharing (and offering to share) photos, memorabilia, data, knowledge... and lunch. Thank you.
            Please forgive me if I have been so rude as to neglect mentioning you by name in this space. Please know how very much I appreciate your effort for myself and our Group. Sincerely, Wendy

Read more about the 2008 Reunion, here.

Now Open! The 464th BG Store

     After many weeks of design preparation we are pleased to announce that our 464th Bombardment Group Store is now open and ready for business.
     We are offering 464th Bomb Group specific, WWII Army Air Force related and general aviation designs on a variety of apparel and gift items via our on-line shop.

[Photo] The Black Nan (44-49710 - Stevenovich II) from the collection of John Gottschalk.
(Photo from the collection of 776th Radar Navigator John Gottschalk)

The Black 'N' (44-49710 - Stevenovich II) on 10 April 1945
over Lugo, Italy. There were ten fatalities and one survivor.
Robert Hoskinson (778) has compiled a pictoral story
of her fate. Download the .pdf file of the Saga of Black N.

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