The founder of polarography

Physicist and chemist Jaroslav Heyrovský (1890-1967) was the first Czech scientist to be awarded a Nobel Prize. In 1959 he was recognized for his discoveries in polarographic methods and their application in analytical chemistry.

The inventor of the screw propeller

Josef Ressel (1793 – 1857) was a Czech woodsman, inventor and writer. He is best known for having invented the screw propeller.

The father of modern physiology

Jan Evangelista Purkyně (1787 - 1869) was the most prominent Czech biologist of the 19th century, a scientist, explorer and exponent of the . His name today lives on in many specialized concepts and names used around the world.

The founder of genetics

Naturalist Johann Gregor Mendel (1822 - 1884) won world renown as the founder of the theory of heredity.

The founder of Hittitology

Exceptional Czech orientalist Bedřich Hrozný (1879 - 1952) is best known for deciphering the ancient Hittite language.

A pioneer of modern pedagogy

Educator and thinker Jan Amos Komenský (1592 - 1670) is one of the biggest figures in Czech History. Because of his pedagogical work, he is referred to as the Teacher of the Nation.

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