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Natas (Nation Ahead of Time And Space) is the Detroit, MI based hip hop trio consisting of Esham, TNT and Mastamind. Collectively, they form one of the most hardcore groups in the history of rap music. With 7 full length albums to their credit, the band has been at the forefront of the ACID RAP movement spearheading an ultra-brash brand of hip hop with highly aggressive, unadulterated lyrics and sinister, other-wordly production.

Beginning with their seminal debut, 1992’s Life after Death, Natas set a horrific tone by painting a disturbed, hopeless picture of Detroit life in savage detail. Their strikingly suicidal disposition paired with Esham’s frantic beatmaking made their first album an instantaneous classic throughout Michigan. The next year, they would release Blaz4me which upped the ante with polished concepts and a more accessible sound including live instrumentation on “Boo Yaa”.

In 1995, Natas would release “Doubelievengod”, by far their most brutal and controversial album. A stunning juxtaposition of anti-organized religion ideology, misogynistic Motown swagger and menacing, ruthless production work highlight this suspenseful masterpiece which will forever leave fans marveling. Multikillionaire, The Devils Contract would surface over 2 years later and for the 1st time would feature guest appearances from extended family including Drunken Master, Moebadis and Rock Bottom Collective. Voodoo rhythms & cryptic conceptualization make the album one of the strongest projects in the entire RLP collection.

1999 would see the release of the crown jewel from the Natas collection, WWW.COM. With a nitrous boost from Esham’s deal with Overcore/TVT, WWW.COM featured lavish arrangements, wailing guitars and a rejuvenated TNT, Mastamind and Esham spitting some of the best lyrics of their entire career. While the record was deemed too far outside the realm of the “Jiggy Era” that was dominating urban media, alternative press and fans alike revered the album and it went on to achieve solid indie sales not to mention Murderdog’s “Album of the Year”.

Natas had shifted gears dramatically in 2001 as they dropped “Godlike” with very little press or promotion. While the synth heavy album foreshadowed the sound hip hop would shift to a few years later, it slid under the radar. It would be a very long 5 years until Natas would surface again with their latest release, 2006’s “N of tha World”. While internal strife and a record deal gone bad briefly hindered the group as a whole, in 2008 they have reconvened and are set to release their 8th studio album and worldwide tour in 2009.