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  1. regular razor or electric shaver ?
  2. all alone tonight booo hooo
  3. twitter to be bought by google? twoogle?
  4. this yellow website is mangling my head
  5. about to venture outside- the nice weather hasnt continued into the new week. :-(
  6. muscle spasm in the ribs... arghh
  7. first brew of the week went down a storm
  8. addicted to scouring ebay for bargain items.. not sure what i want to buy though :/
  9. kievs in the freezer are cheese and ham - fail
  10. Looking forward to mongolian grill feast tonight with everyone - eating too much is a necessity
  11. 12 hours sleep FTW - will be schooling ric at the art of pool playing later
  12. back in manchestaaaaa - its all good
  13. friday feeling - still sunny and nice all around.
  14. SUN! Lunch awaits
  15. @osmouk not usually.. and it will probably be freezing.. it always is! you will get goggles and body armor sometimes
  16. @osmouk fingerless gloves ftw
  17. got mario bros for ds.. what a wicked bday pressie. The nostalgia is sickeningly good
  18. done for the day - feeling a little boz eyed
  19. @mattcutts matt you should be proud to be associated with a person of such high integrity.hey.. at least it wasnt amy winehouse
  20. @kirstymca @ldnfreq i keep forgetting i need to make them direct messages with the @username function


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