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Hollyoaks - Kristian

25th April 2003

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Hollyoaks - Max Brown (who plays Kristian)

Max gave us the insider gossip on what goes behind the scenes of Chester's most famous soap!

Chat Ed : Welcome to this evening's HOLLYOAKS chat with Max Brown who plays Kristian in Hollyoaks! And here he is...

Max Brown : Hi it's Max here, I play Kristian in Hollyoaks. How are you all doing?

Amy123 : hi max!!!!!!!
Hollyoaksno1fan : Have you got a girlfriend?
Kristian fan : im sure a lot of people r wondering this Ru single?
thong_gal : do you have a girl freind?

Max Brown : Yes I have. I've been going out with my girlfriend for nearly 3 years - she's called Polly.

sarah : Is the atmosphere on set as good as it feels when we watch you on tv?

Max Brown : Yeah definitely. It's a really good atmosphere and all the guys are really fun to work with and I think that comes through in the show.

russell_pip : Who do you get on the best with ?
hayley : who is your friends on set? and don't say everyone thats cheating!!!!!

Max Brown laughs
Max Brown : OK! I'm good friends with Guy Burnett who plays Craig Dean.

Hollyoaksinfo : How did you get the role of Kristian?
rachigrah : hiya- how did you get the audition to get a part in holyoaks?

Max Brown : I went to an audition and read for the part of Jake and then they gave me the part of Kristian, heh :)

Holly Oaks : was your girlfriend jealous when u first got the part on the show because of all the pretty blondes?

Max Brown chuckles
Max Brown : No, she wasn't. She's always been really supportive of what I do so she was just happy. She's now friends with all the pretty blondes!

Beanny boy : hey kristian are you going to be getting involved love wise with any one else in hollyoaks?

Max Brown : Yeah I do get involved with someone quite soon, but I can't say who it is - sorry.

Kate : How do you feel about having to get your shirt off all the time?

Max Brown laughs
Max Brown : Yeah it's part of the job. I'm not always that happy about it but it's all for the art!

JessX : im really impressed by ure nipples. is there a special cream u use to make them look so attractive?

Max Brown laughs
Max Brown : Nope, no special cream. That's made me blush! Lack of gym activity might have something to do with it!

Amber : Do you like all the girls chasing after you on set and does it happen in real life???

Max Brown : No it doesn't happen in real life and yeah it is quite fun to play a character like that.

Heather : Your character, Kristian is a bit of a bighead.. are you like that in real life?
BlondeCheryl18 : are u as vain as kristian is in real life??

Max Brown : No I'm not at all, but he is really fun to play because he is so big-headed and arrogant. No blondecherry, I've just moved into a new flat actually and we've got no mirrors so I'm coming to work in a hat everyday at the moment.

hannah14x : did u enjoy it in the fish tank ?

Max Brown : Yeah I did enjoy it but it was very claustrophobic working in that room for 12 hours a day for 14 days altogether I think it was.

Nikki : Would you ever take part in a reality show like the fish tank in real life??
debz : would u really like to be locked in a fish tank/big bro style game 4 real?

Max Brown : Good question. No I'd never do that. I'd be scared of what everyone's perception of me would be. I'm quite shy in real life so, no.

Misscurious : i remeber wen u wer in grange hill, how does holly oaks compare?

Max Brown : Grange Hill was great fun but Hollyoaks has better storylines for my age so it's really good to take part in.

christiexx : Max,Are you sad that you had to leave crossroads when it was first axed,and if so do you still see any of the cast?

Max Brown : I still see Neil Granger who played Phil but I'm not sad that I left - it was a really fun 2 years when I did it. I left just before it was axed so I think I left just at the right time!

Naz : Are you going to be in anyway involved in the Toby/Serial Killer storyline?

Max Brown : Not so far, but we'll have to wait and see whether I get involved towards the end. His accomplice!

Lilani : is it true that the cast did not know who the murderer was?
tara_loves_kristian : is it true that non of the cast knew who the killer was

Max Brown : At first yes that was true. Then after constant grilling and pestering we got the name - Toby!

Amy123 : Who was under the covers in the fish tank?

Max Brown : It was shot so that you never knew who it was and we still don't know to this day ; )

Pheebs : where are you originally from, and do you go back home often?
janet toal : whats football team do u support
Leah : Do u hav ne pets?
stephen : what star sign are you?

Max Brown : I'm from Shrewsbury and I do try and go back to see all my mates when I can. I support Man Utd. I have a beagle called Jules. And I'm Aquarius.

beanybumps : wat kind of girls do u go for?

Max Brown : Girls just like my girlfriend. I used to go for blondes, but she's now gone brunette.

Lillyana : Which of the Hollyoakes lasses would be your type if you were free and single

Max Brown laughs
Max Brown : I don't know really I get on so well with them all as friends that I think it would be rude to say.

scottlover : Max could you please tell Daniel Hyde that i love him?
Hollyoaksinfo : Why do you think Hollyoaks is such a success?

Max Brown : I'll let Dan know - I'm sure he'll be very interested! I think the secret of Hollyoaks' success is that it doesn't take itself seriously and I think that's the kind of show that people like to watch.

Lillyana : Do you have any really juicey storylines coming up...can you tell us anything about them?

Max Brown : Um...I do have quite a good one coming up - a steamy romance which looks like it may get me in trouble.

theverycrazypenguin : Hey! You're obviously one of the more good looking of the Hollyoak's cast, which member of the team gets the most fanmail and how do you deal with yours?

Max Brown : I try and reply to every letter I get sent..As for the rest the girls are more popular than the boys, but I think Marcus (who plays Ben) probably gets the most fanmail out of all of us.

kt : who do u get saucy with
Holly : Will you ever get with izzy?
Kath : You're not going to be next person to sleep with Helen Cunningham, are you?!

Max Brown laughs at Kath
Max Brown : I can't reveal who I get with but it's definitely not Helen Cunningham!

Naz : Do you think Kristian has a bit of a dark side? Something we don't know about him maybe?
Gemma : Does Kristian have a secret past?

Max Brown : I think he does, there's been a couple of things that have come up which we're not sure about but we'll have to wait and see.

Guppie : You were in Grange Hill? You seem much too posh for that.
Nicola : how can i write to you?
sexybabe2003 : max i just wanted to send u a big juicy kiss

Max Brown : I had an east end accent in Grange Hill - a bad one, but it was there! Write to Mersey TV Nicola, the address should be on at the end of the credits.

JessX : do you like watching yourself on tv? coz i like watching you!

Max Brown chuckles
Max Brown : I'm glad you do because I hate it! It makes me wince.

Sashagirl : Do you ever watch the show?
katie : why do you hate watchin urself

Max Brown : Occasionally, on Sunday mornings.

aimz : we all love watching you
Kristian fan : does anyone ever criticise you about being in hollyoaks

Max Brown : No they don't. All my mates always take the piss but only in the best sense.

Anna : hollyoaks has been getting pretty serious recently, as the story line is quite different from the normal light hearted tone, how has this affected your character and the general atmosphere?

Max Brown : Everyone is still having fun on the set even though we're dealing with deeper issues. It's been good to play some more serious stuff, not that my character has really! I'm still in my underwear prancing about!

Cazza : Have you ever had an embarrassing moment when filming?

Max Brown : Not so much on Hollyoaks, although I did have to get completely naked which wasn't that fun - even on a closed set I had 30 people around me and nothing to hide my modesty.

Callie : wow

Max Brown : The most embarrassing thing is when you turn up on set and you haven't learnt the scenes (not that I do that very often).

chardonnay : i wishi was there!!
karla : who is the worst one for messing up their lines?

Max Brown : Hehe, probably Henry who plays Toby. He's brilliant at remembering his lines on his takes but forgetting them on yours.

pamela : if you were a wriiter for h/o, what would u do?
Sam : what would you like to see happen to your character?
ashley : If you got to choose a storyline for Kris, what kind of story would u choose?

Max Brown : I'd bring a dark past into Kristian's life - maybe the fact that he's lied about who is etc. Running away from a bad past, or something like that.

Leah : Do u see urself in hollyoaks for a long time?

Max Brown : Who knows. I really enjoy the job so I'd like to stay for as long as possible.

mandy : if you were invisible for a day what would u do?

Max Brown : Um... I don't know....I'd probably go and hang around my girlfriend for the day to see what she was like.

steph : what do you like most about being a member of the hollyoaks cast?

Max Brown : We all get on and we all go out together, so it's always good fun.

Nicole : Mwah to you Max
Leigh Hocknell : kiss kiss
Farah : i love u lots!!!!
Amy123 : I love you Max!!!!!!!!
Callie : bye bye i love youuuuu
lopsided bunny : kiss kiss :@ :X
beanybumps : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nicola : byeeeeeeeee xxxxx
jenn : bye max hope ur sucessful in waht ever u do P.s u rock

Max Brown : Thanks to all of you for logging on. Bye for now.
Max Brown leaves the room

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