MORPHOTEX® [モルフォテックスTM]



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Teijin Fibers Limited has made the world’s first structural chromogenic fibers “ MORPHOTEX® ” using the color principle of a Morpho butterfly. These are laminated structure fibers made possible through nanotechnology and the thickness of the lamination is controlled in the order of nanometers for optically developing colors. Morpho butterfly is called “ a living jewel ”. Its wings of cobalt-blue which shine beautifully do not actually contain any blue pigment.

No dyes or pigments are used for Morphotex® , but it shows colors under the light because of the structure of its fiber. Its colors change according to the strength and angle of light which creates an elegant texture and gloss with transparency as if they were taken out from the rainbow. Morphotex® is therefore suitable for textile, interior and materials.
By controlling the layer thickness to an optical size(nano order), it shows variations of four basic colors, which are red, green, blue and violet.
Morphotone® is the brilliant colored powder which is short cut fiber with structually colored fiber, Morphotex® .It is available for cosmetics and paintings.

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Micro structure of the Morpho butterfly
By utilizing Teijin's nanotechnology, layers of polyester and nylon which have different refraction factors are piled up one after the other which creates the color illumination by light interference.
Morphotex® requires no dyes or pigments since it is a self-illumination fiber. No dyeing process means less energy consumption, which results in cutting down of industrial wastes.
The scales on their wings have many rows of multi-layered thin plates of proteins. Since the refraction factors of the layers of air and the layers of protein are different, it causes " interference " which leads to its unique mysterious colors and its shines.
Theory of film interference

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