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Fun on all roads.
The Breva V 1100 is a bike for all occasions, agile and responsive around town, highly manoeuvrable on country roads and rock steady on fast straights. The Breva’s handling is the result of painstaking development and calibration of the frame and suspensions.

The high strength steel frame is incredibly rigid, as is the single sided aluminium swingarm that incorporates the reactive shaft drive. The result is precise, predictable handling, with instant response to rider input, and a satisfyingly entertaining ride with real sports performance on tap.

The Breva V 1100 robust 45 mm fork with spring preload adjustment maintains trajectories with total precision, and the rear suspension eliminates all wobble out of bends and keeps the bike glued to the road at all times.

The single sided swingarm, rising rate linkages and monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound adapt perfectly to all riding styles and road surfaces, and reactive shaft drive eliminates the variations in rear end action typical of conventional systems

The Breva V 1100’s braking system deserves special mention, with its two powerful 320 mm floating discs and 4 opposed piston calipers at the front and single 282 mm disc with two parallel piston floating caliper at the rear.

The Breva V 1100 has more than enough stopping power for total safety in city traffic, unforeseen emergencies when touring, and last minute sports braking.

Out of history, on to the road.

We could, of course write a book about Moto Guzzi’s transverse V-Twin. In fact, others already have. Many pages in the history of motorcycling are dedicated to this tireless and super-reliable engine, rightly famous for its easily recognised, thumping exhaust note, and for its easy-going docile nature with mighty torque at low revs. But Moto Guzzi has no intention of resting on its laurels. The Breva V 1100’s engine has been completely renewed; only the shape is the same as before. A whole range of innovations have been introduced to enhance ridability and to improve those essential characteristics of all great Guzzis, control and smoothness.

Rider and motorcycle can establish an instant rapport as a result. For example, the electronic fuel injection system features a stepper motor to ensure consistent idling and easy starting in all weather conditions. On the road, the system guarantees smooth and controllable power delivery with minimised fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The new V-Twin complies with Euro 3 and CARB standards.

Twin spark ignition and injectors located directly in the intake manifolds also improve combustion efficiency and performance. Maximum power is 63 kW (86 HP) at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque is 85 Nm at 6,800 rpm, impressive figures for any bike in this class.

A high cruising speed, elasticity and stability of performance in all climates and at all altitudes are the strong points of an engine that delivers pleasure and satisfaction at all times rather than exaggerated performance for mere moments.

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