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ONE LIFE TO LIVE Photos and Timelines

Bo (Robert S. Woods), Asa (Phil Carey) and Clint (Clint Ritchie)

The Life and Times of Asa Buchanan

— By Logan Scherer

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's crusty patriarch Asa Buchanan has had more lives (and wives and deaths) than there are stars over Texas. We take a trip down OLTL's memory lane to celebrate Asa's oh-so-colorful life and times.

The self-made mogul arrived in Llanview, immediately taking Samantha Vernon as an early love conquest.

Asa's wrathful first wife, Olympia, who was kept in captivity while he courted Samantha, appeared at the church during Asa and Samantha's wedding and was attacked before she could interrupt the ceremony. The wedding continued uninterrupted, but flares went off at the reception when Luther Jackson showed up to get revenge on Sam and pointed his gun at Asa, who successfully warded off the lunatic. Olympia's subsequent death appalled Samantha, who quickly left Asa.

Developing a new obsession for Delila Ralston, a woman also loved by Bo, Asa seduced her into marriage. In a scheming plan to test Delila's fidelity, Asa staged his own death. The plot infuriated Delila, who divorced Asa after learning that he lied about Bo's paternity. An embittered Bo severed any connections he had to his father.

After learning that Becky Lee Abbott was pregnant with Bo's child, Asa demanded custody of the child, Drew, and married Becky so Drew would have the Buchanan name. Though the marriage began strictly as an agreement, Asa was convinced Becky would eventually love him. Asa, unexpectedly developing guilt when the final stages of Becky's pregnancy took a turn for the worse, revealed Drew's true paternity to an elated Bo.

Becky miraculously survived a plane crash but developed amnesia, thereby forgetting Asa. She divorced Asa and left Llanview with Drew. Heartbroken over Becky's departure, Asa took out his unresolved anger on the business world. Amid struggle over control of oil profits, Asa became a prisoner in Venice, where Bo rescued him.

Asa's 10-year-old underground marriage to Pam Stuart, who believed Asa was really a man named Jeb Stuart, was revealed during a business trip to the island of Malakeva. Tina Lord reported the truth to Pam, who returned to Llanview, faked a terminal illness so he'd marry her on her deathbed, then demanded a share of Asa's immense fortune before she divorced him.

When Maria Roberts came to Llanview with son Cord, Asa desperately scrambled to hide Cord's true identity as Clint's son. Clint, after discovering Cord's real paternity, came dangerously close to killing Asa, but the two ultimately made peace.

Caught in a dirty plot to take away newcomer Lee Sanders' company, Asa developed feelings for the feisty and charming Renee Divine, Lee's former madam.

Patrick London, the ruthlessly greedy man who disguised himself as Bo in order to gain access to the Buchanan millions, kept Asa and Renee apart, framing Renee in crimes committed against Asa. The two reunited after the truth was revealed, and enjoyed a double wedding ceremony with Tina and Cord.



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