25 (Most Wanted) Tips For iPhone 3G

iphone 3g tips

We all know that the handy user experience of iPhone is one of the selling point. But not so many people do realize that there are several shortcuts, tips and tricks available on the iPhone which able to make life much easier. 

We believe every single iPhone users would like to know all of the tips and tricks for every feature of iPhone. In fact, if you dig and explore a little deeper, you will know that you can actually do a lot more on your iPhone. With these lesser-known goodies, you can easily get the most out of your iPhone.

This week, we’ve collected some really amazing tips from Web and our own experiences to present you 25 most wanted tips for iPhone 3G. Full list after jump!

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100 Free Useful Mac Applications (Part II)

useful mac applications

This article is a sequel of last week’s 100 Useful Free Mac Applications. As a part II of the article, we continue to showcase you some of the free and useful applications you can install for your Mac, concentrating on:

  • Audio and Video,,
  • Security Tools,
  • Graphics and Image,
  • Internet and Utilities

If you have not read the Part I, here’s where you can get them. Full list after jump.

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20 Useful CSS Tips For Beginners

useful css for beginners

In the old days, we depend a lot of on developers and programmers to help update the website, even when it’s just a minor one. Thanks to the CSS and it’s flexibility, styles can be extract independently away from the codes. Now, with some basic understanding of CSS, even a novice can easily change the style of a website.

Whether you are interested in picking up CSS to create your own website, or merely to tweak your blog’s look and feel a little - it’s always good to start with the fundamentals to gain a stronger foundation. Let’s take a look at some CSS Tips we thought might be useful for beginners. Full list after jump.

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Creative (Extended) Album Cover Arts

We listen to a lot of music, and chances are we might still remember how most of the album cover artworks look like. b3ta.com had a contest and participants make use of their wildest imagination and creativity to "extend" an album’s cover art, meaning designing what happens beyond the borders of classic album sleeves, how the artwork continues.

We went through the entire list and here are some we really like, check out the full list here. That’s some really out of the box cover creativity.

Sounds of Silence (1966) / Simon & Garfunkel

By: Knockear

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1,000,000 Visits/Month! Thank You Folks

1mil visits

About 6 months ago we got our first official 1 million pageviews/month and today, we are excited to announce yet another big leap and milestone for the blog - 1,000,000 visits/month. According to yesterday’s Google Analytics, Hongkiat.com is serving an average of 1,042,163 visits/month (2,000,037 pageviews/month) and that is an pretty exciting figure.

Thank You

Our gratitude goes to the readers - you who visits the site or read from RSS feeds. This figure wouldn’t be possible without you.

We’d also like to thank Exabytes, for the dedicated server and technical support, allowing us to sail smoothly through traffic spikes.

We’ll work harder to bring you more useful tips and resources, stay tuned and have a nice day ahead. Cheers!


100 Free Useful Mac Applications (Part I)

free mac applications

If you’ve just got yourself a new Mac and totally clueless what to install, this article is for you. If you are looking for alternatives for some applications you are currently using in your Mac, the following list might come in handy too. This week, we’d like to showcase you a list of useful yet free applications you can install for your Mac. Full list after jump.



Provides a streamlined, easily accessible interface to add and check off your tasks, while remaining poised to melt into the background at a moments notice.


Keep record of customers, contact persons and important events related to them.


A Mac app to collect notes and tasks.

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25 Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos

Getting a little bored how your photos are presented online? How about injecting some fun and humour into it. You don’t really need to be Photoshop literate to edit and add effects into your photos. There’re some really great sites out there that allows you to add effects to your photo by using their existing effect-templates.

The best part is - most of them are free and output is shown immediately on the fly. Here’s a collection of 25 Sites To Have Fun With Your Photoswe’ve come to know. You know they don’t really have to be your photos :-)

We’ll start with 10 of our favorites, followed by the rest. Full list after jump.

Our Top 10 Picks


One of the hottest site with tons of creative backgrounds to play around with. Now comes in 9 different languages.

Fun Photo Box

If you don’t get what you want from PhotoFunia, you reallly need to check out this site.


Create a photo mosaic of your choice for free online.

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26 Gorgeous Aurora and Colour Spectrum Wallpapers

Every once in a while, we put on a showcase of wallpapers on this blog. Reason is because we want to bring up a small reminder - it has been a while since you last change your wallpaper and there are tons of really beautiful ones we’ve collected. Even if you think the current wallpaper is nice enough and there’s really no need for a change, it’s also good that you keep it bookmarked. They can be great inspirational source.

This week we like to continue with a sequel, a combination of colourful spectrum wallpapers with some awesome mixtures of auroras. Here’s 26 Gorgeous Aurora and Colour Spectrum Wallpapers, full list after jump.

Aurora Borealis

This wallpaper pack included wallpapers in only widescreen resolutions: 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200.


A very simple, abstract / minimalistic wall created in CS3

Aurora Colors

Based on RapidWeaver 4 wallpaper Realmac Magical Desktop

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Group Chatting Made Easy with TinyChat


Tips submitted by: Dan.

One common obstacle on any attempt to create a IM group chat is the incompatibility of chat client used among our peers/friends; majority might be using MSN, but some have only Yahoo IM or Gtalk installed. Although there are workaround for this, but inconsistency and connectivity has always been a problem.

Here’s a web chatroom service that solves the problem - TinyChat. The typical IM chatroom requires you and your friends to share the same IM client, but with Tinychat you just need a browser - IE, Safari, Firefox or even Opera. We played with TinyChat for a while and we thought creating a group chat couldn’t get any simpler.

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60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites

3D models represent a 3D object using a collection of points in 3D space, connected by various geometric entities. A free 3D model definitely can save your budget and deadline. On average, a modeler saves over 2 hours of modeling time when they could get a free 3D model.

3d models

Today, 3D models are used in a wide variety of industries. The movie industry uses them as characters and objects for animated and real-life motion pictures. The video game industry uses them as assets for computer and video games.The architecture industry uses them to demonstrate proposed buildings and landscapes through Software Architectural Models. The medical industry uses detailed models of organs.

We understand how useful a 3D model could be. Thus, we’ve crawled into Internet and search for free 3D models which are available for download. Here are as much as 60 websites to download Free 3D Models. Full list after jump!

Note: Some of these 3D models have limited rights. That means they are not allowed for commercial usage. We urge that you check the rights before using them for business purposes.

More: You might also be interested in 25 (Free) 3D Modeling Applications You Should Not Miss

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42 Free Online Magazines for Designers

Art and design magazines are designers close companion. Not only it feeds us with latest trends and news in the design industry, it’s also a good source of inspiration, particularly useful for those who hit the design block frequently.

free design magazines

Just in case you weren’t aware, there’s a huge pool of free design magazines on the net; we meant those softcopy magazines you can either browse online or download (.PDF, .SWF) for offline viewing. Not only they have high quality content, each issue released is also free. We thought that’s generous of these folks. Today we want to present you with N Free Magazines for Designers. Even if you are looking for something to kill the spare time, we think these mags will help too. Full list after jump.

More? If you happen to know some good free magazines that we’ve missed. Feel free to leave a comment or contact us. We add it in.

Our Top Picks


Weekly web magazine full of neat stuff. Every 3 months a free PDF is published with some of the past subjects, including interviews and artwork.

A List Apart

It’s not really a ‘magazine’ since it don’t come in .PDF or any downloable format. But it’s certainly a must-read for any web designers.

Bak Magazine

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100+ Funny Photos Taken At Unusual Angle [Humor]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes this ain’t exactly right. Distance overlapping, positions, and timing can sometimes create a brand new perspective of a photo. This weekend, we want to show you 100+ Funny Photos Taken At Unusual Angle, a compilation of photos taken at the exact right timing and angle, thus creating a humor side of the story; intentionally or unintentionally.

Magazines, Books and Album Covers

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40 Free Beautiful Blogger Templates, Part III

blogger templates

Just because some of our fellow bloggers decided to stay with Blogger platform, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some nice looking themes. Over the pass few years, no doubt there have been too many nice themes created for the Wordpress platform, but the really nice ones are converted to Blogger Templates. Some are so nicely done, you won’t be able to tell if it’s a Blogger or Wordpress.

If you are not looking forward to migrate to Wordpress, but keen to give your Blogger blog a fresh new look, here are some 40 Free Beautiful Blogger Templates you might want to take a look at. Full list and more templates after jump.

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Easy Image Optimization Online with Smush.It

optimize images

On any typical website, smaller images = faster loading time and lesser bandwidth consumed. It is really important to find an optimal balance between image quality and image size. Anything "un-optimized" image will parasitically suck your bandwidths and cost you a bomb if you are paying for these bandwidths (like me). If you really liked to reduce images file size and doing it the quick and easy way, I thought you should know Smush.it

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