SurfCast Software

SurfCast's interface software is really an integration effort, as well as a content management tool.

SurfCast is unique because it enables users to manage any content that can be viewed in a browser or media player--simultaneously: Web sites, Webmail, instant messaging, chat, streaming mp3 clips, pictures, DVDs, Webcasts, and television (with TV card).

SurfCast takes these different streams of content and aggregates them into a single environment on the PC screen, giving users the ability to easily manage all of these streams at the same time.

SurfCast is like an 'electronic programme guide', except:

  • SurfCast integrates and manages content from any digital stream, including: TV, music (MP3, Web radio, etc.), and Web sites.

  • SurfCast users can customize their screen environment (into 'Grids').

  • Grids are not static, but are 'live.'

  • 'EPGs' only handle TV listings, and their screens can't be customized.

What we're doing differently is to focus on integrating content with application and communication functionality--into one unified environment.


Benefits of SurfCast Software
  • SurfCast creates faster paths to content. SurfCast organizes content visually rather than as a series of hyperlinks. And unlike icons or bookmarks access to content is instantaneous.

  • SurfCast helps people integrate content more easily. SurfCast takes advantage of broadband's speed to enable users to aggregate a wider range of content types--at the same time. For instance, integrating TV and music into their online experience.

  • SurfCast enables people to better manage their content. There are no overlapping windows, and information is never obscured. SurfCast makes multitasking simple.

  • SurfCast broadens and deepens the range of activities people can manage online, making the experience more useful and fun.

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