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 12:00 AM, 17-MAY-07
Boy At Center Of Dark Story

John Hodge, writer of the upcoming film adaptation of Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising, told SCI FI Wire that the fantasy movie will tell the story of young Will Stanton, who discovers that he may be the key in the eternal war between good and evil.

"In this story, [they] are called the forces of [the] Light and the Dark," Hodge said in an interview on the film's set outside Bucharest, Romania, this week. "Specifically, he discovers that he's not just a normal 13-year-old boy, that he is in fact someone called the Seeker, and he has special insight, some special powers."

Stanton will be played by newcomer Alexander Ludwig. "He has specific tasks, which is to find these six little 'Signs,'" Hodge said. "In these signs is hidden the dormant part of the Light. And in this part in history, with evil ascendant? that is to say, the Dark is rising, as the title suggests?he has to find these six Signs, restore the power of the Light, and ... defeat the dark. And he has to do this?and this is what I thought was interesting about the story?he has to do this at the same time as being a 13-year-old boy and dealing with the issues that a 13-year-old boy has to deal with."

Hodge has given Stanton a bit more drama to deal with than in the book. This includes sibling conflicts, alienation at school and a crush on a young woman (Aeon Flux's Amelia Warner) who may not have his best interests at heart.

The Dark Is Rising is being filmed at MediaPro Studios in Buftea, Romania, on soundstages that include immense sets for an English village, a country house in which the Stanton family lives, a medieval church and a Great Hall, a mysterious ancient ruin in which a climatic scene occurs. The Dark Is Rising is in its last week of production, with an eye to an Oct. 5 release. ?Patrick Lee, News Editor


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