Creative Destruction: The Economics of E-Commerce and the Internet

Publication Date: Feb 2010
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Creative Destruction: The Economics of E-Commerce and the Internet is suited for courses in electronic commerce and the economics of electronic commerce, and as fascinating reading for anyone who has an interest in the economics of the internet.

This book demystifies two phenomena that permeate our existence---the Internet and e-commerce--and in the process provides students and readers with the ability to understand them and predict their future development

The book stresses understanding the structure and motivation behind the Internet, how it operates, and how sites such as Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook and Yahoo use it to make money. Readers will learn how fundamental economic principles underpin e-commerce and the Internet. They’ll also emerge with a good idea about positive things the Internet and e-commerce can do for them and the negative things they can do to them.

The presentation emphasizes examples, anecdotes and uncomplicated data along with principles of economics level economic theory. The overriding goal is to enable readers to use the Internet and e-commerce more effectively because they will better understand what is going on. They’ll gain a handle on current policy issues such as Internet privacy, data mining, ID theft, who should pay for the Internet, file copying (and stealing!), and whether Internet purchases should be taxed. Finally, they’ll emerge with an excellent notion where all of this is headed, for example, whether we’re headed for a single super device that combines PCs, televisions and cell phones, and whether we’re headed for a new world in which price discrimination predominates and nearly everyone pays a different price for everything they purchase via the Internet. While conventional economic graphical analysis is presented where appropriate, readers who wish to will be able to skip over such material without losing the argument.

In the end, this book is an easy, readable way to learn about some complicated things that substantively impact our everyday lives.

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Koch, James

James V. Koch is a former university President of both Old Dominion University and The University of Montana. He currently serves as a Board of Visitors Professor of Economics and President Emeritus at Old Dominion University. Dr. Koch has published nine books and over 100 articles in refereed journals. His research has focused primarily upon applied microeconomics topics. His journal articles on the economics of intercollegiate athletics, the economics of discrimination and affirmative action, TQM, and the economics of education have been reprinted and cited frequently. more...

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