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Principles for a digital social enterprise

by ToryD
Jolly conversationalist at Lift09

Jolly conversationalist at Lift09

Over the last few months, Franco and I have been thinking about what makes a project – a design or service design project, for instance -  fall into the camp of social and ethical design. From that we ended up thinking that those categories needed to be enriched further to consider the actual outcome of the thing that is being designed and launched on the world.

Franco met up with the Kashklash crew at Lift09 and a jolly conversation started about how the ideas we were playing with could interact with Kashklash. At the core of the conversation was the nature of value co-creation, both in social enterprise and in a world beyond a monetary economy. During our discussions we found that new ideas of value and relationship are the starting point for defining a shared perspective on how society could evolve through initiatives and action outside of established institutions.

To invite further discussion, we are posting below the initial thinking we have done on a set of principles and guidelines to support the formation of ethical / sustainable social enterprise services. (With contributions from Heather, Irene and Mark..thanks!)

  1. Does the initiative help people use time to their best advantage?
  2. Does it strengthen relationships between people?
  3. Does it have a clear socially* beneficial mission (or in the absence of clarity, a positive trajectory in a socially beneficial direction)?
  4. Does it produce more for a community/society/environment than it takes, including balance of profit distribution v. social reinvestment?
  5. Is the initiative and its outcome sustainable in the long term?
  6. Are the workings transparent, including products, processes, consequences? Are there processes in place to protect and steward the socially beneficial intent and outcomes?
  7. Is it at least neutral for people who don’t use it? (i.e. doesn’t permanently reduce resources for non-users)
  8. Is the result of any accumulation process socially positive?
  9. Does it reduce barriers to access? Does it make things easier? Is it accessible in the broad sense of the word?
  10. Is there no unjustified and/or artificial barrier to entry or exit?
  11. Does it respect human rights and the culture it is in? (Although these may be in opposition, in which case, we believe, human rights should prevail.) Does it value diversity?
  12. Does it build and substantiate trust and collaboration?
  13. Does it foster socially positive, sustainable use of the data/information it generates?
  14. Does it provide/use a means of value exchange that is appropriate to the context?

Further elements to be considered include:

  1. Does it leverage and / or facilitate local ownership and economic development?
  2. Is it scalable?
  3. Is it applicable in different contexts/sectors?
  4. Is it culturally adaptable?
  5. Does if follow best practice in user-centric design?

*social used to indicate social / environmental throughout

We started this project focusing on the way social enterprise services can be designed to “create sustainable business-driven solutions to societal problems” (Paraphrased from, but we feel that the framework can be applied to all projects that aim to benefit society at large.

In application to a given initiative, we realise there will be specific additional principles, such as those that could be appended in relation to the creation of a digital exchange framework. We offer this to the discussion of the future of digital value co-creation and exchange. Further comments welcome.

-Franco Papeschi & Tory Dunn

Exchanging the futures at LIFT09

by Irene Cassarino

Hello to kasklash fellows and thank you for animating and feeding the discussion about the future of exchanges with such amazing and passionate interventions.
lift It is my pleasure to announce you that kashklash is featured at the LIFT09 conference with a workshop and hopefully a dedicated talk. Enjoy the announcement and please consider to join it: you - the kashklashers - are the most welcome guests and animators!

Join us for a workshop to explore alternative methods of exchange. The focus is on a possible future ecosystem - in a new world where today’s aging, less useful and even dangerous financial systems are replaced by (or mixed with) more disruptive innovations and exchanges. Imagine yourself deprived of all of today’s financial resources. Maybe you’re a refugee or stateless. Yet you still have your handset and laptop and Internet and a broadband cellphone connection….

This is one of the provocations posed on KashKlash , an open forum and web project focusing on alternative economies in a post-money future. What will such a world look like? How will the concept of value be measured? What concepts will shape the formal and informal economies? Bright thinkers from around the world came together to discuss, debate and ideate in this innovative and exciting project.

KashKlash is a collaborative project between Heather Moore of Vodafone, Experientia and a group of independent visionaries. The project started with four bright and innovative provocateurs, Nicolas Nova, Joshua Klein, Bruce Sterling, and Régine Debatty, and as the debate gathered steam, contributions, comments, flickr photos and twitter streams rolled in from more than 50 additional participants to shape and envision possible futures.

Intrigued? We are looking forward to exchanging ideas with you. See you at the workshop!