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Excerpts from 1957 Rambler Rebel owner's manual
(thanks to Bob Alpert -- alpert@netaxs.com)

An Invitation to Happy Motoring...

Your 1957 Rambler Rebel represents the extension of American Motors' concept of compact automotive design into the realm of high performance. The Rambler has become known as the new idea car with unique features and engineering advancements for greater motoring pleasure. The Rambler Rebel combines the ultimate in peak performance achieved through maximum power coupled with compact size and minimum weight.

The Rebel has amazing acceleration and speed as a result of having more power per pound of weight. It has unequalled handling ease and maneuverability...

"Electrojector" Fuel Injection System

The optional Bendix system is monitored by an electronic control box, located on the right side panel under the instrument panel, to gather the following data; full throttle enrichment, acceleration enrichment, idling requirements, fuel enrichment for quick starts and warmups, and deceleration fuel cutoff. The control box gathers this information and correlates it for timing the fuel charge by electrically actuating the injectors. The injectors spray fuel directly into each intake port in calibrated quantities at timed intervals.

Fuel delivery is accomplished by a trigger selector unit driven by a flex-cable from the ignition distributor. This breaker point control unit controls time interval for fuel delivery to each injector.

An electric fuel pump delivers fuel at a constant pressure (20 PSI) from the gas tank to the injectors by a common-rail fuel line system with a tank return line. This fuel pump is adjacent to the gas tank and is activated when ignition is turned on. A fuel filter in the engine compartment insures against foreign particles.

Your authorized dealer has factory-trained personnel to service the fuel injection system.

Shock Absorbers

The Rambler Rebel features "Gabriel Ajustomatic" shock absorbers which are manually adjustable to three positions as follows: SOFT... NORMAL... FIRM...

A.M.A. -- Uniform Warranty

[The Buyer Protection Plan it's not!!! -- BA]

The Manufacturer warrants each new Motor Vehicle manufactured by it, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service... limited to making good at its factory any part or parts thereof, including all equipment or trade accessories... which shall, within ninety (90) days after making delivery of such vehicle to the original purchaser or before said vehicle has been driven 4,000 miles, whichever event shall first occur, be returned to it with transportation charges prepaid, and which its examination shall discose to its satisfaction to have been thus defective...

This Warranty shall not apply to any vehicle which shall have been repaired or altered outside of an American Motors Authorized Dealer Service Station in any way so as, in the judgement of the manufacturer, to affect its stability or reliability, nor which has been subject to misuse, negligence, or accident.


Wheelbase:   108"
Overall length:   191.14" (Continental tire: 198.89")
Width: 71.32"
Height: 58.4"
Tread: Front 57.75", Rear 58"
Tire size:   6.70 x 15 - 4 ply Tubeless Nylon
6.70 x 15 - 6 ply Blue Streak Tubless Nylon (opt.)
Horsepower:   255 @4700 RPM (4-barrel carb)
288 @4700 RPM (Electrojector equipped)
Torque:   345 @2600 RPM (4-barrel carb)
350 @2600 RPM (Electrojector equipped)
Compression Ratio:   9.5 to 1
Electrical system:   12 volt

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