Working From Home - What Was I Thinking?
Working From Home - What Was I Thinking?
by Laura Jennekens
I’m a mompreneur.  I know, I know, it's a fancy title.  I run two design businesses from my home office (mompreneur-speak for former dining room). The pros and cons of working from home make for the saga of my life…some days are great; I get up before kids & hubby and get work accomplished like a whirling dervish. 

Once I hustle everyone out the door replete with permission forms signed with requisite money, homework checked, lunches packed & admonitions to be kind to the world, my day really begins (even though I’ve already been at it for 3 hours).  It’s amazing that a working day while kids are at school is actually only about 6 ½ hrs. (9:00 to 3:30) but you can pack 24 hrs worth of chores into it while undisturbed. Other days…well, at least it’s not far to go to declare a mental health day and stay home.

The blurring of the line between work (that brings in money) & other work (that never ends when you’re a mom) make choices simple, like the necessity of a portable phone to notch into your shoulder so you can do business while changing laundry (quietly), doing all your phone calls through the day so your clients don’t have to ask about the loud music in the background from your sons new found passion for guitar (sweet as it is to want to serenade your mother), or the extra set of appendages every mompreneur needs at the ready so when a client calls from B.C. in the middle of their day when it’s after school here, you can still open that can of alpha-getti you bought in a weak moment and hoped he wouldn’t find buried at the back of the cupboard…but hey the kid’s got great timing…you’re on the phone!

There are delights that I wouldn’t trade for anything that come with working from home…like being nearby if they’re feeling sick and need to come home from school, being able to drop what you’re doing to run their forgotten lunches to them, seeing the rehearsals for school plays, working in my jammies is a bonus and not having to apologize to anyone for needing to pee 10 times ‘cause I’m on my 4th coffee…(a newly discovered right of passage that happened after my 9½ pound second child was born). 

There certainly are more perks than drawbacks to running your own business from home, with the exception of my frazzled ‘mommy brain’ which wonders, “What the heck did I come in this room for?”  But that probably has more to do with how much we all have to do in a day.

Face it, whether you’re a work-from-home-mom who changes hats to just plain old mom, or a mom who works outside your home…we all work a lot.  Combining my two worlds however, that circle around my family and my work, works best for me from home sweet home.


About the AuthorAbout The Author

Laura Jennekens is co-owner of Echoes in the Attic a recycling fashion accessories company that in the span of two and a half short years has garnered national attention in many Canadian magazines, newspapers & TV appearances as well has launched their eco-savvy designs in 50 stores across Canada.  Her career as a writer/producer of TV commercials and reinvention after kids as Interior Decorator eventually morphed into co-owner of Echoes in the Attic she runs with her partner Vicky Gerke from their homes in Bradford Ontario. 

Echoes in the Attic designs and hires stay-at-home mom sewers to supply almost 50 stores across Canada with recycled accessories from the ‘discard pile of life’.  “So, remember, out of something bad, good can come and as my son said when he coined our best motto, “one lady’s trash is another lady’s purse.”

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