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Full name Club de Futbol Monterrey. A.C.
Nickname(s) Rayados (the striped ones)
La Pandilla(The Gang)
Founded 1945-06-28
Ground Tecnológico,
Monterrey, Nuevo León
(Capacity: 32,000[1])
Owner Flag of Mexico FEMSA
Chairman Flag of Mexico Jorge Urdiales
Manager Flag of Mexico Víctor Manuel Vucetich
League La Primera División
Clausura 2008 Semifinalist
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The Club de Futbol Monterrey is a Mexican football club from Monterrey, Nuevo León. Founded on 28 June 1945, it is also the oldest team from the north of Mexico currently playing in its professional division. They are owned by FEMSA, Latin America's largest bottling company. Because of their home uniform they are traditionally known as the Rayados (the striped ones) and their oldest rival are the Tigers of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, with whom they play a local derby.


[edit] Honours

Winners (2): México 86, Clausura 2003.
Runners-up (3): 1992-1993, Apertura 2004, Apertura 2005.
  • Mexican Cup
Winner: 1991.
Runners-Up (2): 1964, 1969.
Runner-up 2003.
Winner: 1993.
  • Second Division
Winners (2): 1956, 1960.
  • Second Division Super Cup
Winner: 1956.
  • Mexican Super Cup
Winner: 1992.

[edit] History

Franco Pepino (left, from Veracruz) and Robert de Pinho (right, from Monterrey). De Pinho is wearing Monterrey's classic home uniform.

At the end of World War II, a group of industrial businessmen headed by Ramón Cárdenas Coronado, Enrique Ayala Medina, Paul C. Probert, Rogelio Cantú Gómez and Miguel Margáín Zozaya, decided to create the Club de Futbol Monterrey.

The team's nickname was popularly accepted, after the team's uniform, which is traditionally white with navy blue vertical stripes. Although the original uniform was white with a diagonal blue upper shoulder, the stripes were inspired in 1965, when the Tampico Madero football team wore them, and the Monterrey team adopted them. Since, the home uniform consists of vertical blue and white striped jerseys with blue shorts.

In its first professional game, played August 19, 1945 against San Sebastián de León, Monterrey won by a score of 1-0, with José "Che" Gómez scoring the winner.

On March 1, 1986, the Rayados won their first title in the return leg of a series against Tampico-Madero in the Estadio Tecnológico, to win by an aggregrate 3-2. The goals were scored by Uruguayan Reinaldo Güeldini, and Mexican Francisco Javier "El Abuelo" Cruz, who finished the season as the league leader in goals. For many years the team's logo didn't show the star for this title.

Monterrey won their Second title in the Clausura 2003 tournament, when on June 14, 2003 they defeated Monarcas Morelia by an aggregate of 3-1.

Their main rivals are the UANL Tigres and they have played in 87 derbies, or Clásico Regiomontano as they are called, one of them were played in Laredo, Texas. It has been a close rivalry, Rayados have played the derby in semi-finals twice in a round robin format, having won two games and lost two games, both times (2003 and 2005) qualifying to the finals.

[edit] Rivalry

Rayados' biggest rival is Tigres. This rivalry is called Clásico Regiomontano, the second most important derby in Mexico, just behind the Superclásico between Guadalajara and América. Many people in Mexico believe that this could be the biggest derby in México if their stadiums were not so limited to attendance. Monterrey and Tigres sell out most of their home games regardless of weather conditions and the teams' status. On every Clásico the stadium is sold out as soon as tickets go on sale. Monterrey and Tigres played their first Clásico on July 13, 1974 in the Estadio Universitario, with a draw 3-3. Monterrey would be the first team to win the Clásico in their second confrontation 2-1. In the first Clásicos, almost all were played in the Estadio Universitario. Estimating almost 70,000 fans attending these games before stadium renovation. Currently, Rayados is behind Tigres with 29 victories against 33 defeats, tied games are 24.

[edit] Fan base

The Estadio Tecnológico in a match between Veracruz and Monterrey.

Monterrey is known throughout Mexico for having the most loyal and strongest supporting crowds for their teams (regardless of which one). There is a rivalry between La Adicción and Libres y Lokos, UANL Tigres crowd, each time a Clásico takes place. Rayados fans, though, are known to be more loyal to their team.

[edit] Stadium

Currently Monterrey plays at Estadio Tecnológico, it is the second oldest football stadium in Mexico, after Estadio Azul. Monterrey will move to a new stadium called Estadio de Fútbol Monterrey, it is planned to be in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon. The new stadium will have a capacity of 50,000.

[edit] Current Squad

No. Position Player
1 Flag of Mexico GK Jonathan Orozco
2 Flag of Mexico DF Severo Meza
3 Flag of Mexico DF Pierre Ibarra
4 Flag of Mexico DF Diego Martínez
6 Flag of Mexico MF Gerardo Galindo
7 Flag of Mexico MF Octavio Valdez (on loan from San Luis)
8 Flag of Mexico MF Luis Pérez (Vice-Captain)
9 Flag of Mexico FW Luis Alonso Sandoval
10 Flag of Paraguay MF Osvaldo Martínez
11 Flag of Mexico FW Aldo de Nigris
14 Flag of Mexico DF Joel Morales
15 Flag of Argentina DF José María Basanta
16 Flag of Mexico GK Christian Martínez
17 Flag of Mexico FW Jesús Eduardo Zavala
No. Position Player
20 Flag of Ecuador MF Walter Ayoví (on loan from El Nacional)
21 Flag of Mexico DF Diego Ordaz (Vice-Captain)
22 Flag of Mexico MF William Paredes
23 Flag of Panama DF Felipe Baloy
26 Flag of Chile FW Humberto Suazo
28 Flag of Mexico MF Jesús Arellano (Captain)
30 Flag of Mexico DF Ernesto Serrato
34 Flag of Mexico DF Héctor Morales
44 Flag of Mexico MF Alejandro Molina
46 Flag of Mexico DF Óscar Recio
48 Flag of Mexico DF David Stringel
49 Flag of Mexico MF Alejandro Berber
50 Flag of Mexico FW Abraham Carreño
58 Flag of Mexico MF Juan Carlos Medina (on loan from Club América)

[edit] Top club scorers of all times

    1. Flag of Brazil Mario "Bahia" Souza da Mota 90 Goals 1984-1992
    2. Flag of ArgentinaFlag of Mexico Guillermo Franco 71 Goals 2002-2005 (active with Villarreal CF)
    3. Flag of Brazil Milton Carlos 69 Goals 1973-1978
    4. Flag of Uruguay Ruben Romeo Corbo 68 Goals 1974-1980
    5. Flag of Brazil Ubirajara Chagas 67 Goals 1968-1973
    6. Flag of Mexico Francisco Javier Cruz 54 Goals 1983-1992 1998-1999
    7. Flag of Mexico Alfredo Jimenez 53 Goals 1970-1975
    8. Flag of Argentina Sergio Verdirame 45 Goals 1992-1996
    9. Flag of Mexico Rafael Ortega 45 Goals 1982-1989
    10. Flag of Argentina Miguel Angel Torres 44 Goals 1980-1984

[edit] Top goalscorers

[edit] Noted players





El Salvador



  • Flag of Peru Claudio Lostanau



Sierra Leone


  • Flag of Spain Francisco Aguilera



[edit] Managers

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