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With the Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game, there’s no more waiting for your turn—just a lot of card-playing action. Based on the immensely popular video-game franchise, the Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game is all about moving as quickly as possible to take down your opponents—and survive. Players who have honed their skills playing the video game will find that the same skills apply to the new Upper Deck real-time card game, which has all the strategy of other card games, plus requires the quick reaction time that defines the Call of Duty® franchise. In this game, your soldiers fire, move, dive for cover, and attack the enemy with precision, accuracy, and speed!

When the Call of Duty® Real-Time Card game releases in Fall 2008, pick up one of eight Squad Decks for everything you need to play the game right out of the box. You can also buy multiple Squad Decks to combine contents and create a better deck. Each Squad Deck comes with two missions and a double-sided map—combine any map with any mission to change up your gameplay experience!

Best of all, the Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game is easy to learn and play. The action-packed card game typically takes five to ten minutes to play, making it ideal for video-game veterans. If you’re a regular trading card game player, your strategy and deckbuilding skills will be a valuable asset, but it’s how you hold up under fire that really counts!

What is the Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game?

The Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game was created by Upper Deck in close partnership with Activision. The game celebrates the incredible quality and entertainment value of the Call of Duty® (CoD) franchise.

“The CoD card game is a tribute to our love of Call of Duty® and our appreciation and respect for the quality level of the game. We hope to live up to the reputation of the CoD franchise with our product.” —Jeff Donais, Director of Game Development for Upper Deck

“We wanted to preserve as much as possible the frantic experience that we love in the Call of Duty® series. We also included a variety of maps, missions, game types, classes, and nations in order to ensure a ton of replayability.” —Ben Cichoski, Head Designer of the Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game

What does “Real-Time Card Game” mean?

The Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game uses a unique game engine that is fast, fun, and strategic. Unlike most card games, there is no waiting for your opponent to react to your moves. Instead, players simultaneously take their turns in real time—there is no waiting, no “interrupts,” and nothing that slows down the game unnecessarily. It’s very much like a first-person shooter as opposed to a turn-based game.

During the course of a game, a player might play a card every three seconds until a “pause” card is played. That’s quite different from a traditional card game in which moves might take twenty times that amount of time.

A pause card halts the action and resolves a powerful effect on the battlefield. A few examples of pause cards include Bayonet Charge, Rifle Grenade, Anti-Personnel Mine, and Lt. General George S. Patton.

What do I need to play?

Squad Decks come with everything that’s needed for one person to play. You and your opponent will each need a Squad Deck.

Each Squad Deck represents a different country and contains different soldiers and action cards.

Do I need to purchase booster packs or other random items to play the game?

Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game premade Squad Decks include everything you need to play the game right out of the box. To get the full playing experience, you may want to get all eight Squad Decks and the Deluxe Set.

Want to play a high-quality card game, but don’t want to buy booster packs? This is the game for you!

What’s included in a Squad Deck?

    • 60-card deck
    • 8 Soldier cards
    • 2 Mission cards
    • Double-sided game map
    • Rules sheet

What countries are represented in the Squad Decks?

    • Britain
    • Canada
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Poland
    • Russia
    • United States

Can I mix and match cards from different Squad Decks?

Yes, you can! Customizing your squad by mixing in cards from different decks really enhances the gameplay. You can include in your deck any three of the eight classes and any one of the eight nations. This allows for thousands of possible deckbuilds. Assemble a melee deck that charges straight ahead, or customize a subtler deck that relies on defensive measures and long-range—you decide! You might include a medic to support your heavier hitters or a radioman to call in the artillery.

Squad Decks play perfectly right out of the box, so customization is not required for a fun and competitive game!

What’s the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to frag the most soldiers within a given amount of time. This is accomplished through smart use of weapons, cover, and movement around the board.

In addition, there are advanced versions of the game that present players with specific mission objectives and game formats. Try Capture the Flag or Rescue the Intelligence Operative.

How does the game work?

Each player starts with a squad of three soldiers in play. Each soldier has a different role. When a soldier dies, it can periodically respawn.

Players use “move” cards to ideally position their troops around the board: snipers like to hang in the back, commandos want to get up close for some melee action or to use grenades, medics want to help out with their rifles from covered positions until they’re needed, and so on.

“Fire” cards are the main method of attacking. Snipers have a long-range attack, while others have various ranges that are based on their primary weapons. “Cover” cards can help avoid fire.

Examples of different soldier types are:
American Commando
British Paratrooper
French Resistance Medic
German Sniper
Italian Radioman

How long does a game take to learn?

The Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game takes less than five minutes to learn. It’s very intuitive. Becoming an expert at the game takes a little longer.

How long does a game take to play?

Each game takes approximately ten minutes to play because of the fast-paced, real-time game engine.

Where can I demo the game?

You can get a first-hand look at the game before launch at New York Comic Con, GAMA Trade Show, San Diego Comic-Con, and Gen Con Indy.

I've heard the game will come with "Spoils of War.” What does that mean?

Each Squad Deck will contain a Spoils of War card. Each Spoils of War card has a special code on it that lets you access unique items. In addition, players who collect all eight Squad Decks can get some exclusive “spoils of war.” These items will be revealed in the coming months!

Where can I buy the game?

You’ll be able to buy the Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game anywhere card games are sold, including your local game shop, video-game outlets like GameStop, and larger chain stores with card-game sections.

Remember, it’s important to support your local gaming store if possible, as they take the time to run tournaments and give demos.

Contact your local hobby store to preorder this product today! The Call of Duty® Real-Time Card Game is a limited-edition product and may quickly sell out after launch.

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