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BED PEACE 2009: 40th Anniversary 1969-2009

A gentle way to protest!
tax1040Jean read that this year celebrates the 40th anniversary of John and Yoko’s famous Bed-In’s in Amsterdam and Montreal so we have decided to encourage you to do the same in a way that is easiest for you. This might just be a private Bed-In in your own home or you might like to take it further and organise a larger event in your home town. Jean and her friend Pippa have put together a Bed-In event on Facebook which can take place any time between 25th March and 2nd June.

For those who don’t do Facebook we would still like you to have your protest, large or small between these dates. Don’t just do it - tell us about it. Tell your local media about it too! You can even tell Yoko about it on her website “Imagine Peace”. We can dedicate some pages on the website here for your pictures and stories.

Some facts for you:
The John & Yoko Amsterdam Bed-In took place from 25-31 March 1969 at The Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam, Holland. The John & Yoko Montreal Bed-In took place from 26 May to 2 June 1969 at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Canada, culminating in the recording of the anthem “Give Peace A Chance” on the night of 31 May/early morning of 1 June 1969.