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  1. Amber Alert issued for 7 Month Old Georgia boy. Details at
  2. @colomomof2 The state of Colorado never officially issued an Amber Alert. We were following closely. The girls were found safe.
  3. Amber Alert canceled for 2 month old Florida girl. Child is safe. Details at
  4. Amber Alert activated for a 2 month old Florida girl for details
  5. The Michigan Amber Alert has been canceled. The boy and the suspect returned home this morning.
  6. The Michigan Police now believe that the victim and suspect may be headed to South Carolina or Florida.
  7. Activated a Michigan Amber Alert. Child last seen in Dayton OH - Details at
  8. A new Amber Alert has been activated in Missouri. Details at
  9. @ces614 It would be ok with us. We have a couple of models to choose from.
  10. @ces614 Check out the CANS News feed for Amber Alerts at
  11. I just signed up for a twitter account